Chinese carbon wheel warning.  Avoid carbonspeedcycle at all costs!

Here are some updated pics to my front wheel explosion.

Just re-iterate, this happened under normal riding conditions, and under normal load and did not involve any bumps or crashes.  I was actually about to stop, due to a rear wheel puncture, when the front wheel just exploded due to the tyre pressure.  It was a hot day — 28C — and relatively high pressure — 115PSI — but this still should not happen.  I was actually running super lightweight race tyres — 160g Schwalbe Ultremo ZLX — and the fact the rim gave way before the tyres shows how weak they were (or how good Schwalbe tyres are?)

My advice: avoid ebay seller carbonspeedcycle and anything from a seller called Helin Liu on AliExpress (or anywhere else).

Here is my video review -
Chinese carbon wheel warning. Avoid carbonspeedcycle at all costs.
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