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My time in Austin was really rough.

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I'm glad we all pulled together in 2008 to elect someone on promises to end the lawlessness of the executive branch. We had to wait a few years, but this clip dispelled any doubts in my mind regarding the administration's commitment to the rule of law.

Can a hydrogen zepplin reuse lifting gas as engine fuel?

Linus wrote divelog app -

It is interesting to see how a great systems developer writes a trivial application. It is not instructive like when I read through Linus's first version of Git, but I still found it worth while to skimming over.

I wish more folks used kernel formatting conventions. There is too much PascalCase in this world.

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Should I just start taking everything on this chart that is blue?

Also, the chart is pretty.

I am super productive programming on planes.

The more project management you do the less likely your project is to succeed. (That is a quote from Google CIO Douglas Merrill and also consistent with my experience.)

My sympathies are with the kids the government is rounding up.

Sure, I have concerns about not prosecuting blatant crimes, but my concerns focus on the failure to prosecute for the illegal domestic spying, illegal war crimes, and financial fraud - not some kids who take mostly symbolic actions against the establishment.

Given the draconian anti-hacking laws on the books, and the establishment's harshness on those who embarrass it, I anticipate a disproportionately harsh punishment for these kids.

Just learned my favorite book - Accelerando - is available for free: Even more exciting, Charles Stross's new book - Rule 34 - came out last week to positive reviews. I've got high expectations.
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