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To fart or not to fart - that's the question

Smelly farts on airplanes:
we’ve all been there, either as the producer or the consumer (or often both).

Unfortunately, little attention has been paid in the literature to this all-too-common phenomenon…until now. We can’t tell whether these authors are being totally serious or not, but either way, we think their suggestion for how to deal with the issue of smelly farts on airplanes is a pretty good one.

Flatulence on airplanes: just let it go

“Flatus is natural and an invariable consequence of digestion, however at times it creates problems of social character due to sound and odour.

This problem may be more significant on commercial airplanes where many people are seated in limited space and where changes in volume of intestinal gases, due to altered cabin pressure, increase the amount of potential flatus. Holding back flatus on an airplane may cause significant discomfort and physical symptoms, whereas releasing flatus potentially presents social complications.

To avoid this problem we humbly propose that active charcoal should be embedded in the seat cushion, since this material is able to neutralise the odour. Moreover active charcoal may be used in trousers and blankets to emphasise this effect.

Other less practical or politically correct solutions to overcome this problem may be to restrict access of flatus-prone persons from airplanes, by using a methane breath test or to alter the fibre content of airline meals in order to reduce its flatulent potential.

We conclude that the use of active charcoal on airlines may improve flight comfort for all passengers.”


#Airplanes     #Flatulence     #Travel  

- I know this is a dilemma for me, every time I fly...  You? 
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Ben Helstad

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Questions about pay and incentives

Hello folks! I'm not exactly sure where this should go but I have several questions regarding incentivising employees in my startup.

I know I'll probably needs to seek legal counsel on this but I'm poor and broke right now, so I can't pay for much. I wanted to make sure that if I go into a lawyers office, I know most of what I need to so I can ask detail questions and get the most out of my time.

Some background: We're a video game and tech startup. We aren't registered yet (I'm still looking into setting up the company, either as LLC or B-Corp (Still looking into B-Corp)). We have 3 people in the studio currently: Myself, a programmer from the UK, and a programmer from Mexico. Currently, there is no pre-arranged agreement regarding pay and incentives. They are aware that I'm working on a solution and that we're going to work on reaching a solution that makes everyone happy. I have set those expectations properly.

My question is regarding the types of incentives I can give them. I know there is equity, but I'm not sure how useful that is since I'm not planning on being bought or going public; I intend to stay a private company with majority ownership resting in my hands. I know there's also backpay but according to some family members of mine, that's often a fairly ugly situation to be put into. I'm not sure what other options there are to incentivize my current employees and future ones when I cannot pay them. 

They are co-founders in the sense that without them and their skills, I could not start this company. I know that's valuable, and it should be reflected so. Additionally, I also want to make sure that I'm maintaining majority ownership of the company and acknowledge that I may need funding to help push us over the gap. I'm not exactly sure how to navigate this situation and any help would be greatly appreciated! 

Additionally, how do the laws change based on country? I know you may not be able to answer this so no worries on that!

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I'd stay away from gross revenue as a metric.   A percentage of gross margin is a better metric, as it will not incent the new employee to seek and obtain low-profit or no-profit revenue.
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Ben Helstad

Work Together  - 
Project Wiki Sites?

Morning folks! Have any of you ever used or created a project wiki site to use for organization and aggregating information about your projects? 

I've got a Google Apps account and so I was able to create a basic wiki site through that service but now I'm not exactly sure where to go from there. 

If you've used one, how did you organize the site so it made sense and was easy to navigate through to find the information you needed? Working remotely, we're finding that information is spread all over the place and I'm working to consolidate and streamline the way my co-developers locate, discuss, and share the information we create. 

Turns out this is a really, really hard task! Any tips or suggestions that you have would be immensely appreciate! Likewise, feel free to share any stories about how consolidating and organizing information has been like for you in your company. 
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Hi Ben,

This is definitely a tricky one especially with all the information overload that can happen.  

There are some great tips in this thread on how to organize knowledge in a wiki:

If you’re a more visual learner, this YouTube video also explain how to use the tree structure:

Personally, when working with remote teams, I use Google Docs a great deal. It’s helped me to create an "Index" document that serves as a table of contents of topics that links out to the other documents your team uses. Additionally, bookmarks within documents are useful to link to specific pieces of content within a doc. 

I’m very curious to hear what other members have done to keep things straight. Great question.
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Ben Helstad

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Are you awake yet?

Type 1 for Yes, 2 for No.

h/t: +Yifat Cohen 
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Ben Helstad

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Name 5 foods you dislike:
1. Chicken Boullion
2. Cauliflower
3. Passion Fruit
4. Celery
5. Jägermeister

I'm not so terribly averse to these foods that I gag if I think about eating them but I will avoid them if at all possible. 

h/t: +Nichole St Pierre 
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What you should do if you are ever raped:

Please help share this and make it common knowledge

I feel incredibly strong about supporting the victims of rape and giving them the tools they need to bring justice upon those who would do something so horrible. If you are ever raped (Male or Female), here are the steps you need to take to protect evidence and increase your chances of putting them behind bars.

#rape   #rapeisacrime   #rapevictims   #whatyoushoulddo
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Good Morning Folks!

Partner & I watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty last night and absolutely loved it! As a surprise, my partner downloaded the soundtrack and delighted me with it this morning. Thanks +Heidi Maddern!

How are you today?
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Ben Helstad

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I Had to Reshare!

I'm sure you will too.
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Ben Helstad

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Good Morning!

My partner and I had a wonderful time out with friends last night. We roasted marshmalows, made S'mores, attempted to cook hot dogs, and ate plenty of chips!

Overall, it was a fabulous time and one that needs to happen again. 

How are you?
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Ben Helstad

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As is calling people names: He referred to Herod as "that fox."
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Working with this Men's Warehouse has been interesting. I originally went in looking for a suit for my wedding and some folks helped me out. I thought I'd gotten everything I needed so I was just waiting for my fiancée. Turns our nothing fit properly and the clerks, while doing their job, didn't put any effort into helping me look good until my fiancée came in. The first visit, while incredibly long, turned out to be a fun bonding moment for my fiancée and I. The section was good and after much trial and error, we found exactly what we were looking for. Likewise, when the staff was given a specific direction to go in, they were incredibly helpful and turned out to be a great asset. Subsequent visits have been short for alterations but the staff has been quick to respond and have always managed to be a great help. I also want to add that while the suits may be expensive to buy, they often have great deals going on (I saved almost $800 on my visit) and they do an excellent job with tailoring your suits to fit. Overall, I'd recommend taking a quick gander if you're looking to buy a new suit. Just be sure you know exactly what you want and how you want it or the staff won't be much help. Otherwise, they're great!
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