A couple of Smart Home Action questions, I'm building a Action to support a number of device types and I'm seeing some strange behaviour.

1) Should there be a UI to make device settings changes for Fan Devices? I've added the on/off and FanSpeed trait to a device and it is discovered during a sync, and shown (in the Google Home app) with a fan icon with cog in the top right hand corner. If I click the icon I can change it's name/room and other settings info but I can't set speed or turn it on/off. The device responds just fine to voice/text commands.

2) Also if I add the TemperatureSetting trait nothings changes, I don't get the setpoint and heat/cool options I do with a Thermostat device.

3) I'm now working on adding the report state functionality to my Action. I can get it to work with a Light device, but I when try and push state for the simple fan (no heating/cooling) with the following JSON:

"agentUserId": "5a242f2c80ee0155662642c0",
"payload": {
"devices": {
"states": {
"45": {
"on": true,
"fanSpeed": "Low"

I get the following error:

{ error:
{ code: 400,
message: 'Request contains an invalid argument.',

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