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Breaking Bad + Dexter > SNF. T/F?
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We are a non cable house and started Breaking Bad on Netflix. Does it get better because the first epi was sort of, eh?
Yeah breaking bad review please. Have to start watching a new series after dexter, lost , prison break, the killing. Is it recommended?
Breaking bad is great. I also quite liked the Homeland premier that aired after Dexter last night. Shaping up to be a good TV season.
Breaking Bad it's the best show on TV. Stick with it.
When there are 4x more defensive scores than offensive and the Ravens defense gets me 34 points to seal a come from behind fantasy beatdown of +Chad Jensen, then I would say SNF is greater, even though I didn't watch the game. Okay maybe not greater.
Just started Breaking Bad on Netflix looks pretty good so far. I'm a big fan of Dexter but I still haven't pulled the trigger on adding Showtime back to my Dish package just for one show.

And I'm not really a sports fan so my opinion is obvious there...
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