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10 Predictions for 2013:

10. Apple will lose more market share which will lead to the biggest loss in the company's history.
9. Amazon will enter the smartphone race.
8. Mars Rover will find living bacteria.
7. Playstation 4 released.
6. New Middle East war makes the UN send forces involving the US, again.
5. Google reaches $1,000 a share.
4. More than 6 major electric vehicles will be released, sparking an increase in charging stations nation wide.
3. The $50 laptop is born.
2. US economy rebounds after desperate and extreme actions
1. Google Glass is released
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^ i'm going to have to update it lol
^ with raspberry pi floating around (an other boards like it) its bound to happen.
Sounds reasonable... ie. Not far fetched. Although I would amend 6 to be a war not specifically tied to the Middle East. The US is trying to stir up trouble in Asia so that is a possibility.
Is it sad im more interested in #7 than anything else :(
Only because it means microsoft will respond with the 720
I did. I had 39 shares of Google at 850 a piece. I sold them though around the 875 mark to diversify my portfolio. That would have been an 20% increase. That would have been 20% over a 2 year period. So 10% a year. My current portfolio has made about 10% this year diversified. Maybe I should have still kept it. 10% on those and 10% on these. Oh well
Diversify is always a must and you saw a gain on your trade so no you didn't goof. You also still have shares you can sell now to see more gains. You good.

Where I think you didn't focus more on was that you did not chart google (correct me if i am wrong). If you did you would see why predictions # 5 was likely. (I posted a Google chart I did a few months ago when Google came close to breaking the $1,000 mark). +Walter Hardeman