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Quite pleasant to log into G+ with the new changes. Got them yesterday, but quite the eye opener at 8am. Some more changes needed though:

1) Collapsible Chat - as nice as it is down the right, it's a distraction.
2) Fill the white space - I'm all for clean layouts and white space, but there's a limit. Google are, apparently, going to be using it though, so I'm interested to see what they put in there and how.
3) Bin You May Know / You May Like - or rather, let me choose if it's there or not. Especially the You May Know. Yes, Google, I might, but if I do, I'll find them myself, thanks.

Apart from that...loving it.
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You could probably fit your entire twitter stream in that gap. I'm sure plugin developers are on the case already. 
Browser extension. There's already one for chrome to widen the posts area. No reason I can see for not being able to inject elements in there. 
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