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Ben Gaines
father, husband, product manager, sports fan, sushi lover
father, husband, product manager, sports fan, sushi lover


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It's why I'm here. Conspiracy theories, anyone?
Oh, what I would give to see hourly stats for Google+ today to see the uptick with Twitter down.
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Alright y'all, here's the problem: I want to add some of the people who are sharing great things on Google+, but it seems like those who are devoted to making G+ succeed are so drastically over-sharing that it becomes overwhelming quickly. Two questions:

1.) Is there way to opt in to a subset of shares from people like Guy Kawasaki and Robert Scoble? Or is it all or nothing?

2.) Who are some social/tech folks who share really cool things (not necessarily social/tech stuff, but really anything interesting about life and the world) at a reasonable rate? Like, one or two items a day would be more than sufficient.
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