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Ben Folsom

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The people have spoken, all three jerseys are coming with me to Florida. +Chris McGovern holds the Surly's distance record at 124 miles, and both he and +Kent Fackenthall went with me on last year's Camp Hill PA bike tour, so it will be +mike quinn on my back for Saturday's Gulf Coast century.
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Those socks look a bit grey.  You are supposed to take your socks out of the clean socks drawer, not the dirty laundry pile... ;-P

Have a great trip!
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Ben Folsom

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Vacation Toolkit

We are leaving this evening for a week in Florida, same place with the same family we go every year.  Each year the bicycle requirements get a little more stringent, this year with four road bikes and Young Master's little bike, so I need to be prepared for a lot.

This is my personalized hardcase briefcase that contains my road maintenance kit.  In October 1994 I was the sound engineer for a band from New York City, after more than a year of traveling the country with soft cases, fiber cases, bags and whatever motley collection of gear to store and protect fifty thousand dollars worth of instruments and music equipment, we finally got our road cases.

As with bikes and kit, every band takes a step toward legitimacy, or at least the appearance of legitimacy, when they get their road cases.  You may suck as a band and as a logistics operation, but if you have uniform road cases, you have coin and look serious from a distance.

They were delivered to us at a gig in St. Petersburg, Florida (opening for Blues Traveler at Club Detroit for those keeping score), the Armadillo Case Company being just across the bay in Tampa.  We got bona fide

Guitar coffin, a vertical clamshell monstrosity that would hold seven guitars;

Guitar cases, flip-top cases for the guitarists' regular instruments.

Drum coffin, a flip top wheeled case that would hold the entire drum kit (I was also drum tech);

Amp cases, wheeled-tray bottoms with latched upper cases that came off vertically, in a pinch you can just take the cover off and plug in, no need to take the stack out of the case;

Keyboard cases, our keyboardist traveled with up to five different keyboards, and he had one flip-top case for each.

Leslie case, for his Hammond B-3 organ, the keyboardist had a leslie speaker, the case for which was a wheeled-tray beast similar to the amp cases.

And in a surprise early birthday present, the band got me my own personalized briefcase.  To this point I had been traveling with my personal sound gear in a shoulder bag, getting one of these, personalized no less, took me up a notch professionally when I walked into a venue and plopped it down to talk with the house engineer.

For years it collected dust and held the memorabilia from my time as a pro soundman, in the modern period, it has been reborn as a convenient, safe and badass way to hold my bike tools.
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Pro Roadie? I see you in a new light +Ben Folsom. You must have lost a fair bit of bulk then. :-o I took you seriously before, now... I am not worthy. Not racing you now, no way!
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Ben Folsom

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First morning shadow of the year. Sunrise is now exactly back where it was (0630) a month ago before Daylight Savings time, but I never got a crisp morning beam like this before we were plunged back into temporary darkness.

I love riding my bike to work.
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Stealing this to use as +Bike Commuter Cabal page cover photo for May.
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Ben Folsom

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Hey +Paul Jewkes, see what's happening here? This guy is going down on cobbles, and his riding glasses are coming off, because nothing was on their outside keeping them on.

Riding glasses are designed, among other purposes, to keep debris out of the rider's eyes. This debris does not include the Earth.
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... and comments closed.

Ben Folsom

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Aftermath of a rain ride. It was very cold, with a 20mph tailwind. It kind of sucked at the end with frigid fingers and toes, but

I love riding my bike to work.
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Wait until you see the next restore job, on a 1985 with non-aero brake levers that are installed over the bar tape.

I will take it to my fitter to get the correct positioning on the brake levers, then wrap the brake lever brackets into the tape, then install the brake levers, then mount the rubber hoods then string the brakes.

It's like tantric wrenching.
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Ben Folsom

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I saw this yesterday or the day before but had not had a chance to watch it.  Outside Magazine has been on both sides of the Lance Armstrong saga, but most vociferously on the pro-Lance side, as evidenced by the many articles on how great it was to be Lance published between 2004 and 2008.

It is fun, have a look, and let the dissecting begin:

Coors Classic cap, looks vintage and signed.

Clearly a 630 BSD wheel, and I think I recognize that chromed fork... (more on that below).

Park Tool apron and tools in the background, but Pedro's tire levers.

And finally, the best part?  It's a Peugeot he is working on.
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He'd still crush you clean.
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Ben Folsom

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Ok, popularity contest time.  Only one jersey gets to go with me to Florida, where I will put in at least one (maybe two) century rides and a boat ton of JRA under the sun.  Will it be

+mike quinn (left), +Chris McGovern (center), or +Kent Fackenthall (right)?

One with the most votes wins.  Voting ends at 2pm ET, or exactly two hours and five minutes from now.  Winner will be announced in a separate thread.
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I like the left one. 
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Ben Folsom

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Surly 2014 Overhaul: Bar Tape

The handlebar of my bike runs red with the blood of ten thousand Freds.

Now begins a reign of weekday terror foretold by the Elder Commuters.
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Wow. +Tom Ligman you need to tag that link #FolsomWasHere  
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Uh oh, +Scott Loveless, it says right there in bold letters, ONLY VERY EXPERIENCED CYCLISTS SHOULD ATTEMPT THIS ROUTE

I think maybe we should just meet somewhere for coffee and make fun of +Kent Fackenthall's knee warmers.
#tourdeskyline #tourdeben
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June Friday (north section) should be manageable, and traffic is generally lighter in the south section anyway.
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Ben Folsom

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Yesterday started warm and muggy in the morning, then ended with cold rain and sleet. This morning had near-freezing temps (that is ice on the edges of the river) and a stiff headwind.

Winter and I are having break-up sex.
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It's all your fault +Ben Folsom because you took your damn studded tires off too early. 
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