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    Google Plus Consultants, 2011 - present
  • Lincoln Tech
    Computers and Networking, 1993 - 1995
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I Help You Grow Your Google+ Brand Page and Social SEO Strategist, Internet Marketing since 1994

If you are looking for an experienced person that really cares about your growth and success online, then I may be the right fit for you. I have had the pleasure, over the last 15 years, helping 100's of small businesses succeed. I have personally worked with companies ranging from bed & breakfasts to technology giants. If you are serious about being found in this new Social SEO world, contact me, I love to help and educate.

Proud to have produced / conceptualized and executed this:
Hulk Hogan and GoDaddy Live in my HOA
GPlus Tool Party ( First time all G+ Tools in one Hangout )

Happy to be an Owner of the following Google Plus Communities ( 200K Members):
Google Plus for Small Business
Social Media Strategy
Social Media Professionals
Social Media Discussion
Creative Social Media
Web Hosting Industry

Intrigued - Keep Reading?

I am the co-founder of a company called Steady Demand. We are solely focused on Business Brand Page Management on Google+. To put it simply, we do all the heavy lifting, writing, engagement, developing quality followers and we stay up to speed on social and search so you can focus on what you do best -- growing your business

( We also educate you along the way ) - Check out this free tool we created to help you check your connection from your G+ business brand page to your website. The tool will also grade your posts and teach you how to make them the best they can be.

We started Steady Demand after a few of our consulting clients came to us and started asking for help with manual penalties. We saw the coming of semantic search ( Hummingbird ) Social Signals and the convergence of Social and SEO a while ago, so we decided to apply Google+ and experiment with how we can help companies rank better naturally.

Using a combination of relationship building, thought leadership and the creation of great content, we will work with you ( as a partner ) to help you meet your business objectives.

The circles I would recommend to putting me in:

  • Google Plus Educators
  • Internet Marketing and Strategy
  • Google Plus for Business
What do I share on Google Plus?
  • Google Plus Tips
  • Google Plus Experiments
  • Google Plus News
  • Sometimes funny things and video game related stuff
PS I am available on Helpouts sometimes:
Review Your Google Plus Business Brand Page
Learn How to Post Properly on Google Plus

Things I am proud to be a part in founding and,XBLAFans.Com,,, -- ( Mobile Apps ) 

I am also the moderator for the 1st Google Plus Linkedin Group

If you need my bio here it is:

Mr. Fisher is an experienced veteran in the SEO and Social Media space. He began experimenting and practicing these disciplines back in 1994 when Internet Marketing and SEO was not even a buzzword. Ben works with most of the leaders in the Internet Marketing community and is himself a speaker at conferences such as PubCon and HostingCon. Ben has worked with such clients as Seagate, Hostway, ValueWeb, Godaddy, Ipower ( Endurance International Group ) , SoftLayer, CodeMasters and D3 Publishers.

Bragging rights
Had Hulk Hogan and GoDaddy in an HOA, Internet Marketing since 1994, Beta tester of many Google products, Tagline Creator - Go Plus Yourself! and SKETCH
Internet Marketing Guy: Video Games and Web Hosting industry consulting / biz dev, producer, SEO, SEM and Social Media.
Google+, Social Engagement and Development, Internet Marketing, Google Analytics, SEO
  • Steady Demand - Google+ Brand Management
    Founder, 2012 - present
  • SocialDude.Com - Social Media Content Strategy / Marketing
    Founder, present
    Co-Founder, present
  • / Social Media Marketing Web Hosting
    Dir of Marketing, 2003 - present
  • cPanel, Inc
    Director of Marketing, 2011 - 2012
  • Gaming Industry
    Hosting Industry, 2003 - 2011
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houston - san diego - flagstaff - mt laurel


Ben Fisher

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Getting Traction On Google Plus Is Hard Right?
Well, it does not have to be.
Download The Guide - 

We just put together a guide based on our experience over the last few years, working with business pages.

In the guide you will see:

*Company Page Setup Checklist - keep control of your account and set yourself up from the start, using the same process we use with our clients!

*Links to common articles - no need to sift through Google's gigantic help sites, we did it for you!

*Optimization tips - dimensions and settings to help you make your page follow-worthy!

Plus 10 bonus tips that answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Google Plus for Business.

One of those tips covers; How do I balance posting to my company page vs. personal profile?

Please feel free to share, forward or send out via smoke signals ;P 

#googleplustips   #help   #FridayReads   #business  
New Free Guide Available Today
How To Get Traction & Value From Your Google Plus Page.
Plus 10 bonus Tips From Our Experience.
Grab it at 

►Company Page Setup Checklist - keep control of your account and set yourself up from the start, using the same process we use with our clients!

►Links to common articles - no need to sift through Google's gigantic help sites, we did it for you!

►Optimization tips - dimensions and settings to help you make your page follow-worthy!

#googleplustips   #googleplusforbusiness   #googlemybusiness   #googleplushelp  
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Ben Fisher

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Nice Local SEO Roundup 
Local Snack Pack, Maps and ROI - Oh My!

from +Nick Rink 
h/t +Mike Blumenthal 

#localseoroundup  #localseo   
Smart Local Roundup - Snack Pack update, Instagram for web, local ROI tips and Maps timeline

All kind of fun and games happening with local search results on Google this past week, especially for hospitality locations. The roundup covers this as much as we can but this is a story that will continue to develop over the next few weeks. We're also looking at new developments on Instagram and Google Maps along with important look at how to actually measure ROI for your local search campaigns. Enjoy!

Local search results change again
If you follow local search news you'll know all about the Snack Pack results that appear for searches in the restaurant, hotel and general hospitality sector. A larger update appeared this past week that seems to improve the user experience and takes the searcher directly into a Maps view. Lots of debate on the motivation behind this as well as thoughts for where Google could be heading with local and the potential ramifications for Google+. Evolving as ever!
Read more: via +Barry Schwartz via +Mike Blumenthal via h+Linda Buquet

Instagram brings location search to the web
Currently the fastest growing of all the social media sites, Instagram has just rolled out its search facility to web users. In terms of local discovery I think this is brilliant. Check out what's really happening in your local pub or favourite burger spot and connect with other local area Instagrammers. For marketers there are all kinds of possibilities with this around building a community with relevant local content.
Read more: via +TechCrunch via +Mashable via +David Amerland via +Social Media Examiner

Tips on measuring ROI for local search
ROI is important for every business owner but probably even more so for the smaller, local ones where budgets are small and margins are tight. Knowing the value of every pound (or dollar) they spend can be crucial in deciding whether or not to continue with a local digital marketing campaign. Forgetting about expensive analytics platforms and complex attribution models, this great post looks at 17 things you can measure quite simply to help provide that evidence. Perfect for the smaller business owner.
Read more: via +Joy Hawkins

See where you've been through Google Maps
There have been some cool updates to Google Maps recently and this latest one ranks right up there. Remember that Italian restaurant you went to a couple of Thursday's ago? No problem if you don't as it'll likely now show up in your Timeline on Google Maps. It also keeps track of any photos you took along with pointing out places you may have been near. Which, for business owners, brings us back again to the importance of your data (NAPO) if you want to show up here.
Read more: via +Google Maps

If you would like to be notified when I post each new local roundup (every Friday morning) please leave a comment below on this post saying notify please and I’ll add you to my circle. Alternatively, you can just turn notifications On for this Collection.

See you all back here same time next week ☺

#smartlocalroundup   #localseoroundup   #localsearchmarketing   #localseo   #smartlocalmarketing  

Pin it for later

Curated by Nick from +Smart Local Marketing
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Thanks for sharing along +Ben Fisher Always plenty going on in the land of local ;)
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Ben Fisher

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Google Clarifies Photo's in G+
The sky is not falling everyone.

+Anil Sabharwal explains what is really happening. In a nutshell, photos will still be in G+ but managing them will be done in the photo app. 


h/t +Denis Labelle 
I wanted to clarify a couple of points regarding yesterday’s announcement ( and provide some additional context:

1. The great photo and video sharing service that’s part of Google+ is unaffected. You can continue to post photos and videos, and your followers will be able to comment and +1 as before. No change.

2. All of the photos, videos, and albums you have already shared on Google+, including their posts, comments, and +1s are also unaffected. An easy way to find these is to visit the Photos tab of your Profile page.

3. The private photo management component of Google+, which includes backup, editing, creations, private album management (album management for shared content is still available on Google+), and sharing to other apps, is being replaced by Google Photos.

I sincerely appreciate for many of you #3 is still a hard pill to swallow. And I promise we don’t take decisions like this one lightly. The reality is that maintaining both Google+ Photos (the private photo management component of Google+) and Google Photos poses several challenges. Most notably, it is confusing to users why we have two offerings that virtually do the same thing, and it means our team needs to divide its focus rather than working on building a single, great user experience. 

We are working very hard to bring all the best features of Google+ Photos to Google Photos, and this focus will allow us to deliver even more features at a much faster pace.
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Great! I was wondering yesterday what happen to the photos that I shared in G+ posts. At the same time I was sure that they are safe on Google environment!
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Ben Fisher

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Gplus logo on truck
I remember when it took countless hours to convince a business owner to put a website url on their business cards. Well congratulations to +Mega Furniture​ for adding gplus to their trucks.

Andrij “Andrew” Harasewych's profile photoBen Fisher's profile photoSheila Hensley's profile photo
Yes it was a blast +Ben Fisher! :)   I posted in Drive my state regs and will look at others to compare.  Interesting things to discuss.  Looking forward to an update from you. 
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Ben Fisher

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Steady Vegas Retreat
What a fantastic time we had at the +The Mirage in Las Vegas.
The team +Rebekah Radice +Christine DeGraff +Juliana Payson +Adam Zale +Jerry Whitehead III and +David Lindahl

All about #CustomerSuccess  
Sheila Hensley's profile photoChristine DeGraff's profile photoRebekah Radice's profile photoSteady Demand's profile photo
Such a great time +Ben Fisher!
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Ben Fisher

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Google Local Fun
Interesting problem solved.

Real Estate Agent, setup a local page under the address that is the same as the main office a month ago.

Verified the page with the code. 

Still got stuck and flagged as a duplicate address.

The interesting thing that happened, was after manually verifying the page with the owner. It was still stuck since the database was still seeing the duplicate page as the official phone number.

So by them re entering the phone number for the new page, they were able to trigger verification.

Fun stuff, love GMB local support.

#ns   #googlelocal   #realestate  
Ben Fisher's profile photoSheila Hensley's profile photo
That would be GREAT +Ben Fisher and a pleasure.
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Ben Fisher

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Google Plus the Interest Graph
I have felt this way about google plus for a long time, interests, passions, engagement, all utilized by google to learn more about people and entities.

The announcement today reinforces that line of thought. The gplus ecosystem will get stronger and continue to be populated with those whom want to be here.

Google is listening, to user feedback. But more importantly, we teach Google.

Well done +Gideon Rosenblatt
Pinterest as Google+'s New Target

If it's not abundantly clear already, Pinterest is emerging a much more clear competitive frame for understanding the future of Google+. It's an over-simplification, as there are significant difference, but it's still a useful one. 

A Newly Emerging Google Plus Strategy
The catalyst for this post were some thoughts from Bradley Horowitz just a couple hours ago: 

"Relieved of the notion of integrating with every other product at Google, Google+ can now focus on doing what it’s already doing quite well: helping millions of users around the world connect around the interest they love. Aspects of the product that don’t serve this agenda have been, or will be, retired. But you’ll also see a slew of improvements that make this use case shine."

Connecting people around "interests they love" is another way of saying connecting people through an "interest graph." The battle for the social graph is pretty much over, and Facebook clearly won. Google's new strategy is a clear acknowledgement of this and an indication that it sees the battle for the interest graph as: a) important and b) far from decided. 
So, why is the interest graph so important, you ask? 

Supporting the Knowledge Graph 
Google is making a huge bet on its Knowledge Graph, as a central strategy for maintaining the technological superiority of its search engine. In fact, you could say that this service is actually in the midst of transforming from a search engine to a knowledge engine. Google Now is the visible end of this wedge, a wedge which will soon emerge as a Virtual Personal Assistant, and eventually as a much more powerful artificial intelligence agent. 

Understanding which people care about and have influence on particular topics will be one of the very valuable products of deepening Google+ investments in the interest graph. That, in turn, will strengthen the company's ability to execute on its Knowledge Graph strategy. 

The Bigger Battle with Amazon
In the big picture, the real competitive battle that Google faces as a company - is with Amazon. People were recently asked their top three places for researching gift purchases in the holiday season. “Online search” registered 45%, down from 49% a year ago. Meantime, the channel growing the most in popularity was the one that includes Amazon, jumping to 37% from 31%. 

The Google-Amazon battle is actually a battle of business models, with Google running an advertising strategy and Amazon a commerce strategy. Sure, there are exceptions, and the lines can get very blurry with things like "buy now" button ads, but by and large, that is how the competition is falling out. When you think about it, the searches that Amazon is increasingly winning from Google are searches that are most closely tied to actual sales. They are, in other words, some of the most lucrative advertising that Google has. 

Going back to the interest graph, perhaps more than any other company in the world, Amazon has a very detailed and extremely valuable mapping of the products and services you care about. It has, in short, a very lucrative interest graph, deeply embedded into its commerce business model. 

As noted above, monetization isn't the only reason that Google is building its interest graph. That said, it will be monetizing its interest graph, and it will be doing that through an advertising strategy - not primarily a commerce strategy like Amazon's. 

The Pinterest Opportunity
Pinterest was founded in 2010, one of many startups launched around that timeframe based on the premise of the interest graph. The rest have long-since failed, but Pinterest is now valued at $11 billion and its revenue generating potential is just starting to build steam. 

Pinterest's monetization efforts around things like "buy now" buttons are generating lots of intrigue, but I believe the company represents something more than that. They are a kind of fusion between online advertising and a retail environment. Pinterest's CEO Ben Silbermann likes to differentiate Pinterest from Google by noting that the service is about "discovery," not "search." People like to browse collections in Pinterest, to become inspired, to have their interests piqued, to discover stuff through seeming serendipity that they weren't specifically seeking in the first place. In other words, there's a kind of grazing, browsing behavior on Pinterest that does sort of feel like a retail store. 

In other words, Pinterest, with its strength in discovery, falls someplace in between the Amazon and Google commerce and advertising strategies. Just as importantly, behind the scenes, Pinterest is building an interest graph, tied to commercially valuable topics. And unlike Amazon, they're not integrating this interest graph with the core competencies of warehousing, returns, fulfillment and other aspects of a commerce company. In short, they're building the kind of interest graph that's of interest to an advertising giant; an interest graph chock-full with all kinds of insights into what end users care most about. 

Like Google. 

The Differences
Just to be clear: I'm not saying that Google+ will or should suddenly start looking and behaving like Pinterest. Despite the new Collections feature, Google+ is a very different beast. I would be very surprised if we woke up one day to find "buy it now" buttons showing up on Google+. And I don't even think that we'll be seeing many collections of "my favorite lipsticks" or "my favorite dresses" - the kinds of collections that are very common and natural on Pinterest. 

That just isn't the culture here on Google+. No, I don't see Google attempting to replicate the kind of "retail" environment strategy that Pinterest seems to be headed towards. The management here is smart enough to recognize the culture differences between G+ and Pinterest. Although now that Google+ is freed from its broader corporate mandates, which I think helped it take a pass on revenue-generating expectations, I will go on record here saying that I would not be at all surprised to find Google reversing its policy of 'no ads' here on Google+ - possibly within the next year or two.

What I do see quite clearly is Google moving down a path where Google+ becomes a more powerful addition to its interest graph building capacity. Search is already a very powerful tool for tracking end user interests over time. What it's missing is the ability to note interest in a more passive browsing mode. This is the discovery mode that Pinterest makes so much of, and it maps nicely to the streams, photos and sharing that now describes the team that will be remaking Google+. 

Bradley Horowitz post on Google+ changes:

Pinterest CEO and co-founder Ben Silbermann, talking about Pinterest's strategy and the central importance of the interest graph:

The Interest Graph Maps Our Connections to Ideas and Things

Google’s  Biggest Competitor…is Amazon

What is Google+ (Really)?

#sharedinterestgraph   #pinterest   #amazon   #googleplus  
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Needed this too +Ben Fisher glad you and +Gideon Rosenblatt see the potential.
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Ben Fisher

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Got me some +Google Cardboard, love playing with #virtualreality

Good stuff from
Ben Fisher's profile photoJohn Dietrich's profile photo
Yeah, I found a lack of apps...lots of cool demos, so yes it'll be fun to see where this goes!
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Ben Fisher

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How Do You Get a Featured Snippet?
It may not be as hard as you think.
In the article, published today, on +Search Engine Land +Eric Enge showcases two case scenarios, one by +David Kutcher of +Confluent Forms LLC and one by +Steady Demand.

Also, Eric highlights a case study where they were able to nail a 40%   success ratio on a test of 5 pages to get their own Answer Box.

I believe that if you provide great content, that people will find valuable, go beyond the standard Q/A, and make the information you are trying to convey easy for Google to understand. You too can be rewarded.

When you provide answers, not just for search engine benefits, but to actually solve a problem then great things can happen. People benefit, you catch a person wherever they are in the buying cycle and your intent is to educate, not just sell.

As Eric from +Stone Temple Consulting outlines;
1. Identify a common, simple question related to your market area.
2. Provide a clear and direct answer to the question.
3. Offer value added info beyond the direct answer.
4. Make it easy for users (and Google) to find on your page.

Lastly, one recommendation I have for you.
Ask yourself (or your clients) the following:

What are ten common questions you have during the buying/selling/servicing stages?  Now, take those questions and make some content from then. No matter how small the search queries are. You are now answering questions, you are creating content that can be used in many aspects of your business.

You are solving problems!

That should be the big takeaway, solve a problem, and be rewarded.

#richsnippets   #answerbox   #seo  
Google is displaying answers for many search queries directly in its search results, and many are wondering how they can get their website content featured there. Luckily, columnist Eric Enge describes his process for doing just that.
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Thanks +Eric Enge I am testing some stuff on a new site, will let you know If anything comes out.
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Ben Fisher

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Pluto and Our Species.

This comment - yes!
"This is what we humans do when we keep our heads up, when we cooperate, when we allow our curiosity to guide ourselves."

H/t +David Amerland


There is no escaping Pluto this week, and we're constantly learning new facts about it. 
Today, for the first time, we have received our first looks at Pluto and its moon Charon up close! And the pictures are truly amazing. First, here’s Charon. Wow! Charon is 1,207 kilometers (750 miles) in diameter, to give you a sense of scale. That’s roughly the distance from New...
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Nice +rajesh saharan !
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Ben Fisher

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Google Collections Update - # of Posts
Small update to collections, great for the user experience. More than likely a way for users (and google) to see how in depth a collection really is.

At +Steady Demand we have had quite a few of our clients collection skyrocket (most likely getting featured). 

Like the ones on Ltd, where some of their collections have more followers than the page itself!


h/t +Peggy K 
Google+ Collections update: number of posts displayed

Now you can see how many posts are in a Google+ Collection, by visiting the Collection's page.

You can see my Google Photos Collection that is in the screenshot here:
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Peggy K
+Ben Fisher little updates like this are nice!
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Ben Fisher

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Welcome To The G+ Family
A beginning, a story, a convert.
I have known +Adam Zale for about 15 years. He and I started back in the day together at Aplus (a web host). We worked side by side and over the years we worked together in multiple business ventures together. 

Drifting in and out (like so many friends do) over the years, we reconnected about two years ago when Adam was doing business development for one of the largest Real Estate data aggregators in the US. 

We went back and forth on how we could work together, he tried to hire me to work for this company, ultimately with the power of G+) I ended up convincing him to come with with us!

Why? He totally get's it! After seeing the power of G+, the semantic impact on business and personal networks, everything clicked.

Here is +Adam Zale's first post on G+, please give him a warm welcome. 

Ping +David Amerland +Kristin Drysdale +Zara Altair +Ammon Johns +Mark Traphagen +Eric Enge  - This is a gent I want to introduce you to.

#googleplus   #welcome   #4thofjuly  
Down the G+ Rabbit Hole I Go - I'm finding the best kept secrets I never knew. 

My good friend +Ben Fisher  and I were working on a program for a real estate big data aggregator I consult for. Ben was showing me some of the results that the team at +Steady Demand  had been able to achieve for local based companies.

As one of the largest background data players in the real estate world my team had been indexing and aggregating petabytes of relevant dynamic demographic on page data (which now I realize has huge semantic value). Our coverage is national housing hundreds of interations of community, lifestyle, point of interest, and property data. I showcased my work with aggregate data indexing on a cloned network of WordPress platforms. It's a big topic that I am passionate about, a lot to talk about -- so more on that in another post.

Great stuff for sure, we had gotten serious traction on generalized search for some of the largest real estate portals in the world. And we had brought the highest technology level to the smallest denominators in the real estate market to boot. Ben showed me what at the time I thought was a single front page placement. I showed a single page with nearly 10 front page placements. For about a  month as we went back and forth on a few ideas, then I started researching "this whole semantics thing". 

I realized that there is no longer a "front page" of Google, then took my first leap into the rabbit hole .

After a few weeks I was completely taken aback by what I had missed. I was proud of our technical prowess with on page SEO. So much that I had missed the boat on what Google truly wanted for their users!

Since then I've started working with the G+ network. I've rebuilt a profile from scratch and, well, wow. Google+ is a fantastic platform. More importantly I have conducted approximately fifty marketing surveys in real time (live). The response I have gotten from users is phenomenal. Users are eager to move from Facebook, tired of repetitiveness in Twitter, and lack of true engagement across networks. I myself am one of those poor souls eager to truly find a permanent, private, and fun way to connect with people and interests that I share with them. 

During this new journey I am working to understanding meaning through semantics, relevancy, and doing what we should have been doing in the first place: simply speaking naturally in ways that will help. Taking heavy concepts to task such as the structure of language, the intention of actions through query, and the overall semantics of terms is exciting. My humble talents center around digesting information like this and bringing it to people in a meaningful way. Something I truly am looking forward to.

After engaging with a dozen other SEOs who are also baffled by how much we missed of what our friends at google were up to ... so, how deep does this rabbit hole go?

Have a fun and safe Independence Day friends. :) 

#bigdata   #semanticSEO   #steadydemand  

img credit Natasha
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+Ben Fisher So right! Zapping an invitation to +Adam Zale.
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