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    Google Plus Consultants, 2011 - present
  • Lincoln Tech
    Computers and Networking, 1993 - 1995
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I Help With Google+ Business and Social SEO Strategist, Internet Marketing since 1994

If you are looking for an experienced person that really cares about your growth and success online, then I may be the right fit for you. I have had the pleasure, over the last 15 years, helping 100's of small businesses succeed. I have personally worked with companies ranging from bed & breakfasts to technology giants. If you are serious about being found in this new Social SEO world, contact me, or call me at (623) 252-3845 and my company Steady Demand.

I love to help and educate.

Proud to have produced / conceptualized and executed this:
Hulk Hogan and GoDaddy Live in my HOA
GPlus Tool Party ( First time all G+ Tools in one Hangout )

Happy to be an Owner of the following Google Plus Communities ( 200K Members):
Google Plus for Small Business
Social Media Strategy
Social Media Professionals
Social Media Discussion
Creative Social Media
Web Hosting Industry

Intrigued - Keep Reading?

I am the co-founder of a company called Steady Demand. We are solely focused on Business Brand Page Management on Google+. To put it simply, we do all the heavy lifting, writing, engagement, developing quality followers and we stay up to speed on social and search so you can focus on what you do best -- growing your business

( We also educate you along the way ) - Check out this free tool we created to help you check your connection from your G+ business brand page to your website. The tool will also grade your posts and teach you how to make them the best they can be.

We started Steady Demand after a few of our consulting clients came to us and started asking for help with manual penalties. We saw the coming of semantic search ( Hummingbird ) Social Signals and the convergence of Social and SEO a while ago, so we decided to apply Google+ and experiment with how we can help companies rank better naturally.

Using a combination of relationship building, thought leadership and the creation of great content, we will work with you ( as a partner ) to help you meet your business objectives.

The circles I would recommend to putting me in:

  • Google Plus Educators
  • Internet Marketing and Strategy
  • Google Plus for Business
What do I share on Google Plus?
  • Google Plus Tips
  • Google Plus Experiments
  • Google Plus News
  • Sometimes funny things and video game related stuff
PS I am available on Helpouts sometimes:
Review Your Google Plus Business Brand Page
Learn How to Post Properly on Google Plus

Things I am proud to be a part in founding and,XBLAFans.Com,,, -- ( Mobile Apps ) 

I am also the moderator for the 1st Google Plus Linkedin Group

If you need my bio here it is:

Mr. Fisher is an experienced veteran in the SEO and Social Media space. He began experimenting and practicing these disciplines back in 1994 when Internet Marketing and SEO was not even a buzzword. Ben works with most of the leaders in the Internet Marketing community and is himself a speaker at conferences such as PubCon and HostingCon. Ben has worked with such clients as Seagate, Hostway, ValueWeb, Godaddy, Ipower ( Endurance International Group ) , SoftLayer, CodeMasters and D3 Publishers.

Bragging rights
Had Hulk Hogan and GoDaddy in an HOA, Internet Marketing since 1994, Beta tester of many Google products, Tagline Creator - Go Plus Yourself! and SKETCH
Internet Marketing Guy: Video Games and Web Hosting industry consulting / biz dev, producer, SEO, SEM and Social Media.
Google+, Social Engagement and Development, Internet Marketing, Google Analytics, SEO
  • Steady Demand - Google+ Brand Management
    Founder, 2012 - present
  • SocialDude.Com - Social Media Content Strategy / Marketing
    Founder, present
    Co-Founder, present
  • / Social Media Marketing Web Hosting
    Dir of Marketing, 2003 - present
  • cPanel, Inc
    Director of Marketing, 2011 - 2012
  • Gaming Industry
    Hosting Industry, 2003 - 2011
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phoenix, AZ
houston - san diego - flagstaff - mt laurel


Ben Fisher

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Getting Traction On Google Plus Is Hard Right?
Well, it does not have to be.
Download The Guide - 

We just put together a guide based on our experience over the last few years, working with business pages.

In the guide you will see:

*Company Page Setup Checklist - keep control of your account and set yourself up from the start, using the same process we use with our clients!

*Links to common articles - no need to sift through Google's gigantic help sites, we did it for you!

*Optimization tips - dimensions and settings to help you make your page follow-worthy!

Plus 10 bonus tips that answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Google Plus for Business.

One of those tips covers; How do I balance posting to my company page vs. personal profile?

Please feel free to share, forward or send out via smoke signals ;P 

#googleplustips   #help   #FridayReads   #business  
New Free Guide Available Today
How To Get Traction & Value From Your Google Plus Page.
Plus 10 bonus Tips From Our Experience.
Grab it at 

►Company Page Setup Checklist - keep control of your account and set yourself up from the start, using the same process we use with our clients!

►Links to common articles - no need to sift through Google's gigantic help sites, we did it for you!

►Optimization tips - dimensions and settings to help you make your page follow-worthy!

#googleplustips   #googleplusforbusiness   #googlemybusiness   #googleplushelp  
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Ben Fisher

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Shareable Content - great for any local business actually
10 Ways to Make Your Listings More Shareable on Social Media

How do you get people to share your real estate listings? Let’s look at the psychology of social media.

Why do people decide to share or not share content on social media? Dive into the psychology and ten specific steps you can take to make your listings more shareable.

Are your Real Estate listings as sharable as they could be?

#contentmarketing #socialmedia
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Ben Fisher

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Good Local SEO Advice
I would add to this, when talking about authority, make sure your social presence is up to snuff. Remember the semantic nature of Google. It is core to the relevance factor in search.

H/t +Casey Meraz and via +Mike Blumenthal 

#semantic   #localseo   #localguides  
Where should you put your efforts to dominate local SEO? Find out in my newest post on +Moz  #seo   #localseo  
Google's ever-changing nature means that local search is constantly changing and evolving, too. Take a look at the current state of local SEO & what you should be doing to get (or stay) on top.
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Ben Fisher

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Hangouts On Air Moving to YouTube in September

Not much to add to +Peggy K's post, but this is a good thing in the long run.
Hangouts on Air is moving from Google+ to YouTube Live Events

Hangouts On Air will move from Google+ to YouTube Live on September 12. Events cannot be scheduled on Google+ after that date and you will need to move existing events scheduled to happen after September 12 to YouTube Live.

Learn more about the move in the YouTube Help Center

Set up a Hangout on Air in YouTube Live Events

(Note your already-scheduled HOAs should already be listed in YouTube Live Events - check it out!)

1. Go to Live Streaming Events in Creator Studio. (
2. Click New live event.
3. Select Quick (using Google Hangouts On Air).
4. Give your live stream a title.
5. Click Go live now or enter in details to schedule your event for later.
6. Launch your Hangout on Air at and use Hangouts to broadcast live.

More detailed instructions, with screenshots:

HOA Features that will no longer be supported (plus alternatives)

> No Google+ Event Created, no Google Calendar Integration

The Hangout on Air can be scheduled in advance in YouTube Live Events.

You can then manually create a Google+ Event, Google Calendar Event or other Event on your favorite social media platform

No regular YouTube Comments on the video watch page

>> Alternative: live chat on the video watch page (note: this will disappear after the broadcast is over)

> The Q&A app, Showcase app and Applause apps will no longer be available

>> Hangouts Q&A app Alternatives

* Use the Google Slides Q&A feature:

* Collect questions before the Event on social media or elsewhere

>> Showcase app Alternatives

* Links in the video description

* YouTube Cards

YouTube Live Event Features

* no Google+ required

* set the Hangout on Air to be Public, Unlisted or Private

* have a public Hangout on Air, but make the archive automatically unlisted

* automatically post the video to both Google+ and Twitter when you go live:

* live chat on the video watch page (note: this will disappear after the broadcast is over)

* add YouTube Cards, including for Fan Funding

* enable monetization with pre-roll ads

How to promote your YouTube live stream

Get help!

You can get help with the Hangouts side of Hangouts on Air in the Hangouts help forum:!forum/hangouts

You can get help with the YouTube side of Hangouts on Air and other live streaming issues in the YouTube help forum:!forum/youtube
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+Coach G Moore - You can still do and see HOA's, just in a different place.

+Ross Olsen Hangout Video Calls can still be done.

+Peggy K - The smart ones, yes, those of us who have been around this block long enough know that change is inevitable.

I personally like YouTube streaming more.
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Ben Fisher

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[RANT] GMB Insights Hurts Businesses
You know GMB insights really is bad, the data Google provides at the post level is just wrong. In one case showing 23 +1's over a 90 day period when there is clearly over 200 in the last 30 days.

Why o' why would Google put out such a horrible product reporting piece (insights) if the data was incorrect.

This hurts a business, why? Simple, if you cannot trust the data integrity of a platform, why invest time and resources into it?

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Ben Fisher

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Happy to Be Part Of This
Learn about the importance of getting your business listing claimed.
Upcoming Webinar Is Your Business Verified ? RoundTable
Join Us Wednesday, August 10th with +WebPromo.Expert talking about Google Maps and More.@

Other Resources Before and After the Webinar:
- William's Google Maps Project @
- Google My Business @
- Get Verified @
- Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map Program @
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Can't wait to start this conversation tomorrow!
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Ben Fisher

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+Andrew Shotland delves into some nice detail about local ranking factors. And a surprise factor that does not help much in ranking at all.
Columnist Andrew Shotland shares insights gleaned from a large-scale statistical analysis of local search ranking factors in Google.
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The main G+ account profile page. The same page that tagging a name takes you to.
I can understand lag time for server migration or glitches in the system but this was different.

Views are views either they go up or are zero & the previous days stats are carried over.
I've seen zero days  too btw: which is impossible since there are a number of comments plus ones & reshares on the same day. I know nothing is perfect but come on this is happening a few times a week & this latest phenomena of views being negative just doesn't add up. your view, what's going on? Any ideas?
It's one of those things like a good mystery that can't be left alone until you can get to the bottom of it.
Thanks in advance +Ben Fisher 
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Ben Fisher

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Definitive Guide to YouTube Live Events via +Steady Demand and +Dustin W. Stout 
How to Replace Hangouts On Air with YouTube Live Events

If you're one of the many people sad to see Hangouts On Air disappear, then you might want to read this full walkthrough of how to create a +YouTube Live Event, which essentially (for now) is the same thing as a Hangout On Air with a handful of added options that you didn't previously have access to.

Personally, I'm sad to see them go, but always knew that the future home of HOA was going to be on YouTube. It just made sense.

And although I watched it blossom with the likes of +Daria Musk (the first Google+ Rock Star) and bring up a new breed of shining show hosts (like +Mia Voss, +Christine DeGraff, +Sean Cowen, +Stan Bush, +Jeff Sieh and many more) we knew it could always be more than it was. We had some great memories, and those will always stay with us.

As HOA move to its new home as YouTube Live events, my hope is that not only will it begin improving (again) but it will also branch out into a mobile app (they've announced it's in a testing phase already) and eventually empower content creators even more than we dreamed of previously.

#hangoutsonair   #googleplustips   #contentmarketing  
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+Vivekananda Baindoor Rao Thanks. We're all good. Peace.
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Ben Fisher

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Google Duo Released
Will you be Doing the Duo?
Google releases Duo: a simple 1:1 mobile video calling app

To get started, all you need is your phone number and you’ll be able to reach people in your phone’s contacts list. No separate account is required, so you can sign up in just a few steps. From there, you can instantly begin a video call with a single tap.

It should be fast and reliable:

Call quality adjusts to changing network conditions to keep you connected — when bandwidth is limited, Duo will gracefully reduce the resolution to keep the call going smoothly. For video calls on the go, Duo will switch between Wi-Fi and cellular data automatically without dropping your call.

And all Duo calls are end-to-end encrypted.

Note that this does not replace Hangouts video calls:
> there is no desktop version
> there is no group calling
> there is no screen-sharing or other advanced features

Get the app for Android or iOS, rolling out over the next few days.

More information on the official Google blog:
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What is the Security ???
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Ben Fisher

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Google+ Collections Search
Google+ search now returns a bigger set of Collections that are relevant to your searches and interests, via improved topicality search. For instance, searching for "Bird photos" today surfaces a wider set of Collections that are topically relevant but may not have those specific words in their name.

As always, please send us your ideas/issues using our Send Feedback menu item as that's the best way to ensure we'll see them. Thanks~
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Ben Fisher

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+Tom Pritchard announces better insights in Google My Business dashboards.

Being able to see the difference in branded search terms is big news for brands. (If the data is accurate)

Also being able to see how many find you via search or maps.
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Ben Fisher

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Hangouts Adds Chat
The new interface has been missing the group chat feature ever since they launched the new interface on desktop.

Well it looks like it is now back and with a very elegant look and feel.

+Ronnie Bincer :)

PS. Caption This!!!!!
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Hey +CK Kirton-Niner LOYT is good for live streaming for sure, this is from Hangout Video Calls (private).
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