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    Google Plus Consultants, 2011 - present
  • Lincoln Tech
    Computers and Networking, 1993 - 1995
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I Help With Google+ Business and Social SEO Strategist, Internet Marketing since 1994

If you are looking for an experienced person that really cares about your growth and success online, then I may be the right fit for you. I have had the pleasure, over the last 15 years, helping 100's of small businesses succeed. I have personally worked with companies ranging from bed & breakfasts to technology giants. If you are serious about being found in this new Social SEO world, contact me, or call me at (623) 252-3845 and my company Steady Demand.

I love to help and educate.

Proud to have produced / conceptualized and executed this:
Hulk Hogan and GoDaddy Live in my HOA
GPlus Tool Party ( First time all G+ Tools in one Hangout )

Happy to be an Owner of the following Google Plus Communities ( 200K Members):
Google Plus for Small Business
Social Media Strategy
Social Media Professionals
Social Media Discussion
Creative Social Media
Web Hosting Industry

Intrigued - Keep Reading?

I am the co-founder of a company called Steady Demand. We are solely focused on Business Brand Page Management on Google+. To put it simply, we do all the heavy lifting, writing, engagement, developing quality followers and we stay up to speed on social and search so you can focus on what you do best -- growing your business

( We also educate you along the way ) - Check out this free tool we created to help you check your connection from your G+ business brand page to your website. The tool will also grade your posts and teach you how to make them the best they can be.

We started Steady Demand after a few of our consulting clients came to us and started asking for help with manual penalties. We saw the coming of semantic search ( Hummingbird ) Social Signals and the convergence of Social and SEO a while ago, so we decided to apply Google+ and experiment with how we can help companies rank better naturally.

Using a combination of relationship building, thought leadership and the creation of great content, we will work with you ( as a partner ) to help you meet your business objectives.

The circles I would recommend to putting me in:

  • Google Plus Educators
  • Internet Marketing and Strategy
  • Google Plus for Business
What do I share on Google Plus?
  • Google Plus Tips
  • Google Plus Experiments
  • Google Plus News
  • Sometimes funny things and video game related stuff
PS I am available on Helpouts sometimes:
Review Your Google Plus Business Brand Page
Learn How to Post Properly on Google Plus

Things I am proud to be a part in founding and,XBLAFans.Com,,, -- ( Mobile Apps ) 

I am also the moderator for the 1st Google Plus Linkedin Group

If you need my bio here it is:

Mr. Fisher is an experienced veteran in the SEO and Social Media space. He began experimenting and practicing these disciplines back in 1994 when Internet Marketing and SEO was not even a buzzword. Ben works with most of the leaders in the Internet Marketing community and is himself a speaker at conferences such as PubCon and HostingCon. Ben has worked with such clients as Seagate, Hostway, ValueWeb, Godaddy, Ipower ( Endurance International Group ) , SoftLayer, CodeMasters and D3 Publishers.

Bragging rights
Had Hulk Hogan and GoDaddy in an HOA, Internet Marketing since 1994, Beta tester of many Google products, Tagline Creator - Go Plus Yourself! and SKETCH
Internet Marketing Guy: Video Games and Web Hosting industry consulting / biz dev, producer, SEO, SEM and Social Media.
Google+, Social Engagement and Development, Internet Marketing, Google Analytics, SEO
  • Steady Demand - Google+ Brand Management
    Founder, 2012 - present
  • SocialDude.Com - Social Media Content Strategy / Marketing
    Founder, present
    Co-Founder, present
  • / Social Media Marketing Web Hosting
    Dir of Marketing, 2003 - present
  • cPanel, Inc
    Director of Marketing, 2011 - 2012
  • Gaming Industry
    Hosting Industry, 2003 - 2011
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phoenix, AZ
houston - san diego - flagstaff - mt laurel


Ben Fisher

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Getting Traction On Google Plus Is Hard Right?
Well, it does not have to be.
Download The Guide - 

We just put together a guide based on our experience over the last few years, working with business pages.

In the guide you will see:

*Company Page Setup Checklist - keep control of your account and set yourself up from the start, using the same process we use with our clients!

*Links to common articles - no need to sift through Google's gigantic help sites, we did it for you!

*Optimization tips - dimensions and settings to help you make your page follow-worthy!

Plus 10 bonus tips that answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Google Plus for Business.

One of those tips covers; How do I balance posting to my company page vs. personal profile?

Please feel free to share, forward or send out via smoke signals ;P 

#googleplustips   #help   #FridayReads   #business  
New Free Guide Available Today
How To Get Traction & Value From Your Google Plus Page.
Plus 10 bonus Tips From Our Experience.
Grab it at 

►Company Page Setup Checklist - keep control of your account and set yourself up from the start, using the same process we use with our clients!

►Links to common articles - no need to sift through Google's gigantic help sites, we did it for you!

►Optimization tips - dimensions and settings to help you make your page follow-worthy!

#googleplustips   #googleplusforbusiness   #googlemybusiness   #googleplushelp  
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Ben Fisher

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Updates To New Google Plus

Keep up with the list of changes.

G+ Web Preview Update
As promised, we're continuing to listen and respond to feedback on the new Google+.

Today we're launching a number of updates to our Web preview including:
- Adding a 3 column stream view for very wide screens
- Adding the ability to reply to comments in context
- Removing the limit on circle streams in the menu (previously 6)
- Adding the option to view 'Posts from Circle' from the Following screen

These changes (which you can see in the image below) will be rolling out today. And look for more updates on Android, iOS, and the Web soon. Thanks~
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My complete guide to the new Google+:
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Ben Fisher

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Create a New YouTube Account Without G+ Page/Profile

h/t +Peggy K
New! Create a YouTube channel unconnected to Google+

New YouTube channels use the name and profile photo from your Google About Me page (

> You can still use just one name by entering a period ( . ) in the last name field

> Name changes are limited, so be sure to set the name the way you want!

> If you want to use a different name than the one you use for other Google products (like Gmail and Hangouts), select the option to use a Business or Other name. This will create a new channel connected to a Google+ Page.

This also means that if you have a YouTube channel using your personal name, you can delete your Google+ Profile without affecting your channel.

> you can only run a Hangout on Air from YouTube Live Events if you don't have a Google+ Profile

> deleting your Google+ Profile will not remove your channel's Custom URL if it is already set.

But do not delete a Google+ Page (subaccount) connected to your channel! There is not (yet) an option to disconnect a channel from a Google+ Page.

If you never connected your channel to Google+, you will need to Confirm your name in order to use all YouTube features, like commenting. When you confirm your name your channel will use your Google account name and profile photo at

Reasons to keep Google+

> if you want notifications under the bell

> if you want to claim a new custom URL for your channel

> to use a different name for your YouTube channel than you use across the rest of Google, your channel must be connected to a Google+ Page

> to have multiple managers of your YouTube channel, it must be connected to a Google+ Page

Your channel and Google+

Impact of removing Google+

Delete your Google+ Profile

Confirm your name

Did you inadvertently delete your Google+ Page and its YouTube channel? Restore it in Google My Business (
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Thanks for sharing this useful tip
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Ben Fisher

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a long time ago in a galaxy far far away
If you do this search in Chrome you get real time results in a Star Wars format.

There must be some kind of ad deal going on with the upcoming movie release.

First the themeing of Gmail, now this. Hrmm what could be next?

#goodideas #starwarstuesday
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Sweet! :)
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Ben Fisher

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Evergreen Content and Tips To Boost Your Email Subscribers
A good ol post from +Dustin W. Stout that talks to not only creating content that can be shared repeatedly, but also gives true value to your visitors (soon to be subscribers)

#evergreen #optin #ns #emailmarketing
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Thanks so much +Ben Fisher! Appreciate the share my friend. :D
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Ben Fisher

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Changes To G+ Business Pages in New G+

Join us on Blab as we talk about what has changed (for now) and what this means for your business.

Here's the link

+Eli Fennell +Nina Trankova +Dustin W. Stout +Zara Altair

#ns #googlebusiness
Google+ Biz Page on the New Google+
Your Google+ Business Page has lost many aspects with the changes at Google+. Just for starters, reviews don't show.
Join us on Blab as we talk about ways to give your Biz Page life. +Ben Fisher +Eli Fennell +Nina Trankova +Dustin W. Stout answer your questions.

Here's the link

#googleplusbusinesspage   #googleplustips  
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+David F Leopold Thanks for the tip. :)
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Ben Fisher

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Compare Mortgage Rates via Google
This cost per lead system is now rolled out in California and soon more states will become available.

The pattern is obvious, hotel bookings, Service providers, flights etc.. Now mortgages. What could be next?

Loans, Real Estate (note this partnership is with Zillow)...

What do you predict?

H/T +Glenn Gabe +Barry Schwartz
Now available in California, with additional states to follow. Vendors are charged on a CPL basis -> Google Launches Compare For Mortgages In The US via +Barry Schwartz 
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Ben Fisher

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1 in 4 Global Internet Users Active on G+ -
According to the Global Web Index, use of G+ is on the rise. 23% of all Internet users are now using GooglePlus monthly.

H/T +Mark Traphagen
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+Hal Cooper REALLY specific info likely hidden behind paywall. This is from GlobalWebIndex 
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Ben Fisher

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Audit Your G+ Brand Page
Have collections - Check
Local or Brand page - Check
Connected to YouTube - Check
Post Stats - Check
Properly Posting - hrmmm

#tools #googleplus #ns
Is Your G+ Brand Page Connected To Your Website?

Check it now with our New & Improved FREE Google Plus Page Audit Tool - you know, the one that was previously seen on +Inc. and +Fast Company!!!!

Simply enter your Google Plus page URL and take the test to make sure you are connected correctly. If you are not, there will be instructions at the bottom of the page to fix the errors. If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them. 

Click here to get started:

#googleplustips #googleplusupdate #socialmediatool 
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Thankyou sir.
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Ben Fisher

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Official - Local Page Changes - What is NOT Coming Back

h/t +Linda Buquet #ns
Official Google Statement on ALL the Google Local Changes after Google+ Update - Mamta B from Google announced that the following features are no longer supported for Local pages on the new Google+ - Reviews, categories, directions, stars, photo uploads, interior photos, maps, hours, opentable/apps integration. She explains the reasoning behind the changes and a whole lot more below.

I so wish they could have announced all this up front. It would have saved so much user confusion and frustration. But I appreciate them being transparent and letting us know now, so we have something official to point confused GMB owners and managers to.

Lot's more inside and a lively discussion to follow I'm sure...

#googlemybusiness #gmb #googlelocal #localseo #seo  
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Thanks for helping to spread the word +Ben Fisher 
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Ben Fisher

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+Mike Elgan give some great insights on the new G+ design.
While most of the article is 100% dead on I do not agree with the conclusion, for the most part.

Read on to see what Mike has to say, and share your thoughts on the conclusion.

H/T +Mark Traphagen

#ns #googleplus
I have been waiting for +Mike Elgan to write an article about the new Google+. Always interesting to know his view. Of course, he has been a Google+ supporter from day 1. And I mean that as a compliment, not a drawback

Google transforms its everything-for-everyone social network into a site that does one thing really well -- connecting supernerds.
7 comments on original post
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+Mark Traphagen - I was referring to the "Who uses Google+?" part :P 
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Ben Fisher

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Reviews Will NOT Be Displayed On G+ Local Pages
An official word about how reviews will not be coming back to G+ Local Business pages. They will display in the knowledge graph and on Maps.

More importantly, a business can manage their reviews by visiting

If you are looking for documentation on how to get reviews from your clients, visit the Google page for help on this:

H/t +Linda Buquet
Google Official - Reviews Will Not Be Coming Back on G+ Local Pages. There has been much speculation and debate about the fate of Google+ Local pages, especially since the new Google+ update (preview) came out.

By now most of you are aware that the whole review piece (and several other important pieces) are totally missing from the G+ Local pages.

So inside the official word from Google and what you can do.

But there is lots of confusion and it's not as big of a deal as some think. So be sure to read not just the 1st post that explains everything, but also the 4th post that clears up some confusion and misconceptions about all this. Including a wise quote from +Darren Shaw.
7 comments on original post
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Keep in mind reviews are not just on maps. Reviews are highlighted right in the search results - the most important place. AND in the Local Finder AND in the Knowledge Graph AND in Google Maps. Those are and have been the important places to showcase reviews and none of that has changed.  This is just one more step in the disconnecting of Google Local from Google+ that's been happening one step at a time for the past year or so.
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