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    Google Plus Consultants, 2011 - present
  • Lincoln Tech
    Computers and Networking, 1993 - 1995
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I Help You Grow Your Google+ Brand Page and Social SEO Strategist, Internet Marketing since 1994

If you are looking for an experienced person that really cares about your growth and success online, then I may be the right fit for you. I have had the pleasure, over the last 15 years, helping 100's of small businesses succeed. I have personally worked with companies ranging from bed & breakfasts to technology giants. If you are serious about being found in this new Social SEO world, contact me, I love to help and educate.

Proud to have produced / conceptualized and executed this:
Hulk Hogan and GoDaddy Live in my HOA
GPlus Tool Party ( First time all G+ Tools in one Hangout )

Happy to be an Owner of the following Google Plus Communities ( 200K Members):
Google Plus for Small Business
Social Media Strategy
Social Media Professionals
Social Media Discussion
Creative Social Media
Web Hosting Industry

Intrigued - Keep Reading?

I am the co-founder of a company called Steady Demand. We are solely focused on Business Brand Page Management on Google+. To put it simply, we do all the heavy lifting, writing, engagement, developing quality followers and we stay up to speed on social and search so you can focus on what you do best -- growing your business

( We also educate you along the way ) - Check out this free tool we created to help you check your connection from your G+ business brand page to your website. The tool will also grade your posts and teach you how to make them the best they can be.

We started Steady Demand after a few of our consulting clients came to us and started asking for help with manual penalties. We saw the coming of semantic search ( Hummingbird ) Social Signals and the convergence of Social and SEO a while ago, so we decided to apply Google+ and experiment with how we can help companies rank better naturally.

Using a combination of relationship building, thought leadership and the creation of great content, we will work with you ( as a partner ) to help you meet your business objectives.

The circles I would recommend to putting me in:

  • Google Plus Educators
  • Internet Marketing and Strategy
  • Google Plus for Business
What do I share on Google Plus?
  • Google Plus Tips
  • Google Plus Experiments
  • Google Plus News
  • Sometimes funny things and video game related stuff
PS I am available on Helpouts sometimes:
Review Your Google Plus Business Brand Page
Learn How to Post Properly on Google Plus

Things I am proud to be a part in founding and,XBLAFans.Com,,, -- ( Mobile Apps ) 

I am also the moderator for the 1st Google Plus Linkedin Group

If you need my bio here it is:

Mr. Fisher is an experienced veteran in the SEO and Social Media space. He began experimenting and practicing these disciplines back in 1994 when Internet Marketing and SEO was not even a buzzword. Ben works with most of the leaders in the Internet Marketing community and is himself a speaker at conferences such as PubCon and HostingCon. Ben has worked with such clients as Seagate, Hostway, ValueWeb, Godaddy, Ipower ( Endurance International Group ) , SoftLayer, CodeMasters and D3 Publishers.

Bragging rights
Had Hulk Hogan and GoDaddy in an HOA, Internet Marketing since 1994, Beta tester of many Google products, Tagline Creator - Go Plus Yourself! and SKETCH
Internet Marketing Guy: Video Games and Web Hosting industry consulting / biz dev, producer, SEO, SEM and Social Media.
Google+, Social Engagement and Development, Internet Marketing, Google Analytics, SEO
  • Steady Demand - Google+ Brand Management
    Founder, 2012 - present
  • SocialDude.Com - Social Media Content Strategy / Marketing
    Founder, present
    Co-Founder, present
  • / Social Media Marketing Web Hosting
    Dir of Marketing, 2003 - present
  • cPanel, Inc
    Director of Marketing, 2011 - 2012
  • Gaming Industry
    Hosting Industry, 2003 - 2011
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phoenix, AZ
houston - san diego - flagstaff - mt laurel


Ben Fisher

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Getting Traction On Google Plus Is Hard Right?
Well, it does not have to be.
Download The Guide - 

We just put together a guide based on our experience over the last few years, working with business pages.

In the guide you will see:

*Company Page Setup Checklist - keep control of your account and set yourself up from the start, using the same process we use with our clients!

*Links to common articles - no need to sift through Google's gigantic help sites, we did it for you!

*Optimization tips - dimensions and settings to help you make your page follow-worthy!

Plus 10 bonus tips that answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Google Plus for Business.

One of those tips covers; How do I balance posting to my company page vs. personal profile?

Please feel free to share, forward or send out via smoke signals ;P 

#googleplustips   #help   #FridayReads   #business  
New Free Guide Available Today
How To Get Traction & Value From Your Google Plus Page.
Plus 10 bonus Tips From Our Experience.
Grab it at 

►Company Page Setup Checklist - keep control of your account and set yourself up from the start, using the same process we use with our clients!

►Links to common articles - no need to sift through Google's gigantic help sites, we did it for you!

►Optimization tips - dimensions and settings to help you make your page follow-worthy!

#googleplustips   #googleplusforbusiness   #googlemybusiness   #googleplushelp  
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Ben Fisher

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Coolness, collections now searchable. This is a must needed feature!
Google+ Update: search for Collections

Start your search at or search from anywhere on Google+ and then click the "Collections" tab at the top of the search results page.

Both Collection title and tag line should be searched for keywords.

Click on the Collection to view the posts, and click Follow to see the Collection's posts in your home stream.

Here is a search for "Dancing" Collections:
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M nknm.annnv vvvvn
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Ben Fisher

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I must admit, this is intriguing

#ghelp   #google   #twitter  

h/t +Mark Traphagen 
Introducing Help on Social, a new way to ask and answer Google questions on Twitter

Today, we’re excited to announce a new way to share your Google knowledge and passion. Help on Social, a mobile-friendly site powered by Conversocial, brings together Google product questions from across Twitter so you can ask questions or help others. Plus, you can earn some nifty points and climb the leaderboards as you help more folks.

Have a Google question? Tweet with hashtag #gHelp!
If you like to express yourself in 140 characters or less, tweet your Google product questions with #gHelp. Our community of expert users -- including Google Top Contributors -- are on standby ready to help!

Know something about Google products? Share your knowledge on Help on Social!
If you are passionate about Google products, try answering tweets alongside our community of expert users helping folks all over Twitter. 
Learn more by visiting

#gHelp #TopContributors 
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Hope so. Is not ok that they cheat to get people
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Ben Fisher

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How Do You See Yourself Online?
Our own +Juliana Payson not only delves into the inner-self, but also goes onto extrapolate how she views Google as a whole in a broader light through art. Yes, the images in this post are all hand drawn, every scratch and scribble is actually a word, that in itself is a poem.

Take a moment to read it and tell us your thoughts.

" I manage brand pages, 8 hours a day, that’s all I do, and yet that’s not all I do. To say “all I do is manage brand pages” is belittling the value of the work I do, and since brands see great reason in what I do for them, I am honored to be rewarded with a decent living working online. 10 years ago who would have thought it? The online landscape has matured and now there are lots of people like me, we learn all the tools of social media, all the qualities of each network, and we work unseen by our colleagues, brands, and even our friends. We are the Poe of the internet, and we are only now just figuring out how to describe ourselves."

#socialmedia   #creativity  

Personal pings go out to +Mark Traphagen +Dustin W. Stout +David Amerland (I think you guys will appreciate it)
Exploring the Creative Mind of a #BrandPage Manager

We tasked each of our team members to write a blog post for our blog explaining a little bit about what they do... and our "creative one," +Juliana Payson, didn't disappoint with her "Poe of the Internet" Google Doodle and story that we are sure is going to resonate with the right-brained deep thinkers in our audience. 

We really would love to have some of you discuss your thoughts after reading it with Juliana in the comments below. (

#googledoodle #poe #poetry #creative #creativewriting #socialmedia #socialmediamanagement  
This Google Doodle is the cleverest pun of navigating social media you’ll ever see, it’s a poem of the internet. It’s the artist’s self acknowledgement of the value and complexity of the work she puts into working online. As a social media manager, rather like a great Poe whom we’re unable to perceive which side [...]
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Poetic indeed +Ben Fisher :) 
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Ben Fisher

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And the press goes wild - in a good way :)
From WebProNews
So Google+ didn’t exactly turn out to be a Facebook killer, and the company has been backing off of its previous efforts to force it onto users of its other products. People are saying things like, “Google+ is dead,” as they have been for years, but it’s not. It’s just not what it used to be. Do you see any ...
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At LAST..... something positive!  YAY!
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Ben Fisher

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Flying Car Coming Soon?
Check out the amazing demo video.
Would you buy one?

PS. You can reserve one now. 

#want   #ns   #cars   #future  

h/t +Dan White 
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+Deborah Rock I want a KIT too!
+John Chvatal Good call
+Lee Rickler - #agree  
+Monika Schmidt - Yes it has (Minority Report is coming)
+Ben Carew - lol watch out Amazon!
+Dustin W. Stout - Smart!
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Ben Fisher

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Search = Context & Relevance
If you think Search Ranking is like it was in 2013, you are wrong. 

Semantic Search has been here for a while and is now more relevant today, stronger than ever. 

This is one of the many reasons why search, social, meaning, intent and more impact how we can teach Google who we are as entities.

Do you connect the dots?

Watch this video from +David Amerland and learn how and why.

Ping +Christine DeGraff +Adam Zale 

h/t +Mark Traphagen 

#search   #google   #semanticsearch  
Why Search Is So Important

There is a direct line from indexing data to serving information to suddenly being empowered in today's fast moving world. Context and Relevance are more pertinent than ever. 
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Thanks +David Amerland, history shows us that it will still take businesses quite a few more years to truly grasp the impact of semantic search. As it continues to affect the bottom line, and they lose traction to the ones that embrace it.
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Ben Fisher

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Local and Brand Page - Merged Data?
Just noticed that our about page on the brand page +Steady Demand has inherited the local listing +Steady Demand, LLC local pages data.

- driving directions
- phone call
- maps link

Anyone else seeing this?

+Linda Buquet +Mike Blumenthal ?
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Ahh I was on desktop. Just tried on mobile and still nothing. I'll try Android app later just for fun:)
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Ben Fisher

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#imustshare  This well done post by +Adam Zale 
Are you semantically involved? 

In a way I almost did not want to read this SEO article today. Even though to many here on +Google+ this is old news. I have had a lot of fun teaching people about the evolution that is not coming, but is. 

Today I read a post on facebook regarding hangouts getting it's own special space. This is, on facebook feeds, "yet another nail in the coffin" for the G+ network.  Even though +Bradley Horowitz and +Yonatan Zunger  have both clearly stated what the plans were, this is a huge shock. So now we can finally for the 11th umpteenth time herald the death of Google+. It's official, this time, no really we mean it -- no take backsies. 

Even though Bradley emphasized the very plan we've watched be executed here:

And Yonatan issued a rebuttal to the click-bait companies here:

Give me a flippin break.

At first I recall my horror at the click-bait articles en mass. "No!", I screamed, "I ... I just got here!. But then one day on a google hangout my good friend and partner in crime +Ben Fisher rolled his eyes like the thunder. He looked at me and with the most serious dead pan expression said: "Do you have any - - idea - - how many times I have had to deal with this?" 

Looking back at the years of the inevitable impending death of G+ I just have to laugh now. I am so thankful I found this place. The content is fantastic and engagement is off the charts if you know where to look. I remember when I did my first couple run throughs on large brands I share interests with.  One on  +Cadillac and one on +Nintendo, then compared them with their brand pages elsewhere. 

It is obvious that there's something going on here on G+ that +Mashable  is completely clueless about. 

Zip forward to today, I'm googling semantic search for some new info. I saw this little puff piece and, well, I smiled but I was a little sad. I realized that many of us are sitting on the best kept secret right now. Even so in the end all of us, including our friends at +Google , will do better when the #seo  world (as well as the rest) finally catches up. 

What is obvious to me is not obvious to others. Pushing SaaS products into their own domain I am positive took time and energy out of the G+ team. With hangouts getting it's own portal now (which rocks by the way) what's left to do? 

My guess is some nice little responses to these supposed king makers is on route. Being that it's Google I expect it all to be subtle, disruptive, and probably for some of us pretty darned funny. I could be wrong -- and hey, I still do like facebook for sharing pictures of my burrito.
If you look back on the SEO industry from 2011 to 2014, you will see remarkable changes not only in content strategy but in digital marketing as well. But 2015 has seen some massive changes in the industry. Entrepreneurs can doe serious good for their businesses by adopting these top five SEO trends for 2015. 1. Say hello to social engagement optimisation Google, the largest search engine, has modified the algorithm to fetch more original and us...
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Hah, thanks +Ben Fisher . By the way Cadillac and Nintendo just got two brand mentions today. :-P
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Ben Fisher

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And now for something completely different.
Ok, well not really, just more advanced than what we are already used to.
We think in the terms of context, we know the anchor to the root of our line of questioning, for us it is a natural extension of thought.

The semantic intent that can be derived from natural language search is disruptive, and shall change search forever.

Big h/t to +Glenn Gabe
Google’s iOS App Now Provides Context-Aware Conversational Search, Exceeds What Siri Can Do via +Greg Sterling #seo
Google recently updated its iOS app to bring context-aware searching to any content within search results. It allows searchers to ask additional questions
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True +Ben Carew but many companies still view SEO and marketing like it was 2 years ago. Amazing when the lightbulb goes off!
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Ben Fisher

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Google+ Vs Twitter Engagement
The data does not lie. Read the in depth study on G+ engagement versus Twitter.

Here are a few highlights. from +Eric Enge of +Stone Temple Consulting 

"Replies to a Google+ post are 22.7 times more likely than they are to a tweet. And, evidently, the best length for a G+ post is between 500 and 1000 characters."

-- At +Steady Demand we have noticed that even posts that are 200 - 400 words do exceptionally well, at least on brand pages.

"Mentions Drive Engagement on Google+ but not on Twitter
Plus mentions on Google+ appear to have a very powerful impact on overall engagement. 
On Twitter when you @mention someone, chances of a retweet go up by approximately 1.3 times if you @mention someone."

"On Google+, this impact is far more pronounced. Your chances of a reshare in posts that plus mention someone is 7.48 times greater than it is for posts where you don’t plus mention anyone!"

Hashtags More Impactful on Google+ - 5.5% on G+ vs 1.5% on Twitter

"Google+ is a Discussion Platform
Replies to posts are 22.7 times more likely on Google+. 15.6% versus a 0.7% on Twitter.

A post is .73 times as likely to get a +1 if it’s an event than if it’s not an event 
A post with a link placed in the text of the post is 1.97 times as likely to get reshared than if it does not have a link in the text of the post.
A post with a photo is 2.38 times as likely to get replies as a post without a photo."

Thanks Eric and +Mark Traphagen for conducting this study.

#googleplus   #engagement   #twitter  
Study: How to Maximize Your Google+ Engagement

In our latest +Stone Temple Consulting big data study, I looked at over 32,000 Google+ posts to find the post factors that most and least affect engagement (+1's, replies, and reshares).

Some of the results may surprise you!

The post includes a sharable "Here's Why" video that summarizes the study findings. We also compare the factors we found for Google+ to those we discovered for Twitter in an earlier study.

If you benefit from this study, the best way to say "thanks" is to share it with others! For that, we thank you!

Read the post at
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+Vickey Waldo​ Now I give you the original english version from my german words, that you can understand and learn, how your will is.:


I have read and TWITTER APP selected here as screenshot because in FACEBOOK APP but more capacity is given for writing ;

In the contribution - link to open tap . The app program opens by an intermediate page and displays the user that the link loads . This store , the user can be done quietly . Only for users who only have a limited HIGHSPEED data volume available due to have its own contract , which I recommend , because of being too slow surfing speed :

In this intermediate page to open the top-right drop-down menu 📜 and the option that in the Facebook app AND IN TWITTER APP and in the Flipboard app equal, open in browser to choose ✊ . It does not matter whether the page Loading . Who in the browser the link will open , immediately becomes the app icon - such as Google + APP - FORWARDED and is located immediately in the page to read the article , including the appended comments that see you and answer and assess and translate can , by the visitor

To open the embedded translator in the GOOGLE + APP tap into the comment text , so that the pop-up window can be loaded . Here select the option COMMENT TRANSLATE .

IMPORTANT : Google + APP translator translates no foreign languages ​​, THE USER MANUAL SELF ENTERED WERE FROM .

For example, if I as a German comment or a review on Google + app itself in any other language, please , HOLDS the translator CLOSED . Censorship { } IMPROVEMENT by the translator does not occur. Will someone who translates a foreign post, then this user must proceed as follows:
The menu button of the terminal key and the pop-up menu, choose TRANSLATION l SELECT . And already , the user with the whole world IN THE LANGUAGES TO COMMUNICATE TO THE TRANSLATOR has integrated .
🔩 Elona ETOT
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Ben Fisher

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Alphabet - Google Grows Up
It has been a long road since 1997. Far away from the 10 blue links. Ventures into balloon wifi, driverless cars, extending life, wearable gear, and so much more to come. At the heart of it all, +Sergey Brin and +Larry Page , so much innovation, so little time.

Well Google is now a teenager with responsibilities, so it is with a warm embrace we say hello to Alphabet. h/t +David Amerland
Everything Under One Umbrella

+Larry Page announced it himself on G+ ( Google is now part of Alphabet which is a conglomerate under which products operate. Some stand alone, some in conjunction with others and some in occasional stand alone or conjunction with others status, without however having too much read into these actions. 

The new mothership will be able to supply greater transparency in the company's finances as well as the standing of each individual product.

You can read about it here: and also read NYT's take on it:

It's good news because it will accelerate the pace of change within a company that was in danger of faltering because of its size. As Page said on his blog post the move will enable Alphabet to focus on:

-Getting more ambitious things done.
-Taking the long-term view.
-Empowering great entrepreneurs and companies to flourish.
-Investing at the scale of the opportunities and resources we see.
-Improving the transparency and oversight of what we’re doing.
-Making Google even better through greater focus.
-And hopefully... as a result of all this, improving the lives of as many people as we can.

It also answers a question posed by How Google Works ( which was how do you make sure, as you grow in size as a company and become really successful, that you continue to act like a start-up and innovate?

the answer lies is simple: disrupt your own business.

h/t +Zeke Cao and +Stuart O'Neill who alerted me to this.  
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Warm embrace indeed +Ben Fisher well said.
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