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Google+ Android app gets a speed boost

Today, we’ve made available a new version of Google+ for Android that includes significant performance improvements across the board, so your stream and photos (and just about everything else) should load more quickly.

In addition:

- The "What's hot" stream is now available
- You can see who has +1'd a post or comment
- Photos in "From your Circles" scroll for-e-ver
- We truncate lengthy posts and comments in stream view
- Stream no longer jumps to the top for an automatic refresh

And as always, you can grab the latest version of the app from Android Market here:

We're excited to hear what you think, so please keep the feedback coming!

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Here is one for you - I would love to be able to start a hangout from the Android app!
And a big thanks for fixing the "Stream jumps to the top for an automatic refresh" bug! This was probably the most annoying bug ever ;-)
Marked performance boost! Thusly plussed!
Hurm... +Martin Williams I knew they weren't public, but I thought as long as someone was invited, it didn't matter if they connected via phone or computer... Might have to test that...
+Martin Williams As far as I know, and by looking at the update, I can not find a way to start a hangout from Android. But there is still a spot available on the home page of the app :-) Hangouts are becoming the "Killer app" of Google+, so I would love to see a lot of improvements. For anyone interested, please see my stream for more on that.
I would love to be able to choose which circles the photo widget grabs its photos. For example, if I could set to just show my family circle.
+Martin Williams +Juan Carlos Bagnell Well, I do not really consider it a hangout unless you can choose circles up front :-) The one on one stuff in the messenger is ok. but it is not a hangout as we are used to from the browser. And for those of us that want to do something besides a chat with grandma, we need the full functionality.

Still testing for any other improvements.

+Ben Eidelson Hope you will add proper hangouts to the list of wanted features. It will definitely be huge.
Installed. Initially after updating, nothing loaded, everything was blank, stream, profile etc everything. Then clear data, un-installed and Re-installed and working perfectly.
It just killed my tablet when i updated. Then uninstall-reinstall. And its super sweet now. Sorta wish they hadn't just bricked the tablet for 5 minutes as part of the update though. No harm, no foul though
Sweet thanks for fixing jump to top on refresh.
When will we see a tablet version?
+Ben Eidelson is there any chance we get the Incoming stream back or alike?

And yeah great improvements. Now we can refresh individual posts eliminating the pain for viewing new comment via notification.
Without downloading, let me guess, "Incoming" stream is gone?
+Michael Delpach indeed. Incoming stream was very useful. Now can't see the posts from people circled me but I did not.
+Ben Eidelson Can you make it harder to accidentally swipe to the side to switch streams? I'm trying to scroll up and down, and frequently accidentally change to the next stream. This doesn't happen in any other app with a similar layout. It should take more of a side swipe than it currently does to switch.
The "What's hot" stream is a great addition!
Now I just gotta get used to the "Nearby" tab being on the right side instead of left.
Glad to c thw wats hot stream on mobile now.. :-)
So before I install this, how much internal memory does it hog?
Like speed update. Is there anyway to get the incoming stream back?
Still no hangouts for teens?
"Stream no longer jumps to the top for an automatic refresh" Yay!
Bob O`Bob
I turned off automatic updates when the Incoming stream vanished from the browser product. I will not be accepting this update on my tablet. Please Bring Back the Incoming Stream
It doesn't seem that much different to me :-)
Love the update, but when will we be able to start hangouts from the application?
Oh no! They killed Incoming stream there too ;(
I have a T-Mobile MyTouch 4g, and I have never been able to upload a picture from my phone using the app. It always says try post again later. What gives??
no animated gif for this update??
Haven't noticed any speed improvements to be honest
Looks like Hangouts audio issue on Xoom was fixed. Thanks G.
Loving the what's hot feed, I use this all the time on the desktop version, so I have been looking forward to this
What's up with the new bluetooth permission?
This is timely -- I was frustrated earlier today trying to use G+ on my Android phone, downloading new version now. . .
Browsing from my nexus, really is much faster!
Mark Swan
Please give us the option to add "Incoming" back!!!!
And again no way to turn off the invasive trash known as what's hot. F#ck you Google. Uninstalling.
+Brett Sayles you can disable whats hot.. hit your menu and go to Choose Circles and uncheck it.
Bollocks - still throws you back to the top of a stream on a re-share :(
2 questions:
1. Why G+ app takes 30mb+ space on the memory with instant upload OFF?
2. When can we expect G+ hangout from mobiles without front facing camera?
Going to join the "where is incoming" crew.

useful feature it was both desktop and mobile, dealt with it being gone from the desktop because it was on mobile. now its gone here too.

is this a way to inflate the numbers in peoples circles? as now all that bunch of people that i didn't want to add in particular i have to add to a separate circle?
+Ben Eidelson - had to clear app data before I could use it again after the update. Would not open stream otherwise. Thought I'd mention it.
Galaxy Nexus - ICS
no tab version,
no more incoming, and we still have no reply as to why it was removed when so many wanted it;
no option to do public hangouts;
no option to start an hangout with a person that doesnt have an android or iOS device;
no support of no front facing camera devices;
still ends an hangout when screen is turned off :/
Now that incoming stream is gone what does posting to extended circles do? How do friends of friends see them that are not in my circles? I thought that was also done in the incoming stream right?
What is the easy way to initiate a Hang Out from your mobile?
+Johan Compagner - Incoming stream was so you could see what people following YOU were posting if you hadn't already circled them.

Extended circles posting is not affected.
Weli A
one more thing for +Google+ crew.

Please take care of photos from my posts that are scattered in my gallery.
This app still sucks. Sharing content to G+ is still broken. Sharing from news app, YouTube, etc... only posts the link. It has no subject or description! Can't share pics unless they are on phone. Apparently Google doesn't listen to any feedback. Time to stick with Facebook's crappy app.
Need to have alerts when someone posts in your stream
+Phillip Hayes - A lot of things in the app have changed precisely because of user feedback. You want them to do everything over night? This is still way better than anything Facebook has come up with.
+Phillip Hayes indeed Posting needs improving, allowing to fetch metadata from pages/urls like web version does!
What you need to do is make it smaller... 20 megs!!! You better not have a small cheap phone like I do.
+Steve Jaszczak The problem is these things worked when Google released the original version of the mobile app. When they switched to this version several months ago, they removed or broke them.
Updated. App no longer works. If I click Stream, CPU usage shoots to 100% and stays there for at least 30 minutes.

Edit: Brokenness was from a simultaneous update from another app.
Greg D
A few updates ago I couldn't upload photos from my gallery. It just gets stuck on Loading. It never used to do that and I've been on here since it was early in development. It sucks because I can only upload 1 photo at a time now and they aren't grouped together. I was hoping the new update would fix it but it didn't. Other than that I like the new update. Hangout could use some work also.
If you want an "Incoming" Stream just make a circle with no permissions to view your profile and add all those non-circled people into it.
+Paul Newport - Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean by "broken". It seems to work when I have used it...?
I don't think I can handle faster lol
Using it now, much faster. Great improvements
So glad it doesn't show animated GIFs.
boo Jay
Definitely loving the What's Hot addition, but in terms of overall app speed haven't really noticed a difference. If anything, it's about the same, possibly even slower.
I feel the need for speed!
No joy. Stuck on v1.0.8 for Motorola Charm even though it is Android v2.1....:(
+Ben Eidelson please merge google talk and g+ messenger and the text messages app (similar to imessage on iOS)
When are we going to be able to share a link and have an article summary and image to select for the post, like we can on desktop?
My only issue is phone notifications are not working and that sux :-/
Stream no longer jumps to the top for an automatic refresh
+1 +Devin Baillie . It annoys me how google implement swiping through tabs this way. It actually happens in google reader as well.
So far I'm a fan. No more random Android.process.acore errors freezing up my S2. Yes!
Not getting notifications :(
Can u get this app on the nook store?
Still wanting pull down to refresh!
I sure wish it was available in Korea.
Nearby stream still takes a very long time to load .... Galaxy s2
Eeek, incoming stream is gone?! I used that all the time. Please bring it back!
How can I have to upload my pic ?

thank you. i love the truncation feature and no jump after automatic refresh.
Nice... now what about a proper tablet experience?
I love love the what's hot feature on the app!
I love it Google+ but who wanna join for deaf!!!
Anyone know what the new bluetooth permission is for?
Love the what is hot page. I hope someday the game is also available for mobile, angry birds will be awesome
Fix the gallery on tablets it stretches out the folder pics
I wish the update allowed gif support and that they made it for tablets to like my Xoom
+Ben Eidelson I've got the Motorola Xoom would like to have a version for the tablet. And support for gif would be nice to.
Note to the haters...killer app. Nuff said.
It's very easy to use app, and it's amazing to use it in china
can you also make the .apk file available easily, some of us using locked off android devices like Kindle Fire would love to use the google+ app.
The update seems doesn't improve performance
Long time user, what's hot is a great addition. I can definitely tell they've improved the overall app performance as well. Seems like g+ is gaining some momentum.
Faster and usable now. The images indeed load quicker than before.
Please please improve sharing content to the Google+ app on Android. It just posts the link and not create thumbnails on post. I hate to say but sharing to facebook app is a better experience...please improve it. I find myself sayin "I should share this post from google reader from my desktop browser instead of Android app because it looks like ass in stream"
Yes +Jef Kazimer I would like for my link post from my Android device to match that of the desktop app too, showing a picture instead of just the text to the link. I often use my laptop instead of the app when I do this because the pictures seems to draw more interest
Anyone know why it needs bluetooth permissions?
I think easier set up of hang outs or a standard video call would be great.
Loving Google+ but pretty lonely with no friends.
Would greatly appreciate if you guys add the feature of editing posts within the app.
+Wozy Yin , have you tried long pressing on the post in question. I think this brings up an edit option.
I just wish it worked with that Toshiba Thrive.
sure the speedboost is really nice but why the extra permissions? it sa more than the previous version.
google's hunger for personal info is boundless. dont you guys know more than enough about your users yet?
Loved this update,really great performance than previous.
way faster, what's hot stream is a great addition....the app is nice, I just wish they had implemented the +1'd pages on profile so I can read pages im interested in directly from the app... also +Google please fix your media ecosystem, it is a freaking mess, G+ app gallery/Picasa/phone Gallery/G+ web gallery all should be the same and sync properly....right now it's just confusing and messy...Instant upload is great for pics taken with the phone but it'd be nice if it uploaded screenshots as well in a separate folder...just my 2 cents ;)
I see big speed improvements under ICS
It needs to be to be able to move to a sd card. The app is huge
Will it work on the THRiVE now? That last update was complete garbage.
just downloaded it, and it looks good so far. only downfall is I have to re-select streams to display, but that's minor.
I wish we were able/allowed to save pictures we like that people post, from the app! There's so many wallpapers and pictures I like sometimes that I can't save. Please add this feature!! Anyone who agrees please +1 this post! Thanks!
The "what's hot" section is a great idea... really helps add substance to the G+ experience.
Works a little better, but I'm still waiting for the day there is a Tablet UI.. Until then, just got to use the website...
Start Hangout From Mobile...and see who is currently online
Kinda disappointed that the Google+ app does allow me to play edgeworld.
Kody I hope you will soon get a tablet good luck. 11:42 pm
View who +1 Smart way to add people to circle who share the same view ...opion
Here in SA Blackberry is very popular at the moment... What are the chances that a google+ app could be developed for blackberry anytime soon?
Thanks for the What's Hot stream, i was really looking forward for it! Good job +Google !!
Peter A
+Joe Sines what do you mean hangouts on android? I can hangout with my phone just fine
Great update. Feeling the speed on SGS on ICS CM9. +Google+ IS there any plans to add an to jump to stream of a circle? Now it is annoying to swipe through all my 20 circles to get to nearby stream..
Cool. I've been thinking about using this since the app is so nice looking on android
We hate the "what's hot feed' make it an option that we can turn off...
Great performance! If I could only turn off truncation of the posts. In my circles, lenghty posts are quite regular, and having to change views constantly kind of annoys me. So I would love to have an option to switch it off, even if it costs performance. Or is here a way to turn it off and I just haven't found it yet?
Got it for my tablet running 3.1 But I see no such update for my phone running 2.1
Just updated, its so fast to load now. :D
Dilan A
Google plus is not FREE in either Telstra or OPTUS
finally the what's hot is available wohooo
I want mobile hangouts for non-ffc! I can think of uses for it.
I dont care about Whats Hot; I would have to turn in my Cool Broad card if I did. But it is easy to ignore.
Any idea when the update will be available for iOS?
Please, for the love of Godzilla, fix landscape autocorrect. It is still broken after 4 updates.
What about a real full-screen iPad app? I'm really missing it on my iPad!
The apparently keeps force closing every time I try to activate the video in messenger.
speed has definitely improved. great work
I would like to have an option to add photos to a specific album from my phone. Thanks for the update :)
Incoming Stream was good... Plz do bring it back...
Jst made the switch from facebook.. Google+ Hands down Genius! Best thing ever!
Excellent! Now we just need adjustable text-size please.
All the updates I've been thinking about. Nice :)
Google+ Android = make my day a lot better
Need to be able to comment straight from the stream instead of tapping on a topic (which you have to wait to load on another page) to comment
i'm stranger to android development.after running application in eclipse avd doesn't show the output but avd is can i solve this problem?can u please help me.
Still absolute garbage on the THRiVE.
New version is so much better! Thanks a lot!
Running smooth & hoping you guys at the google plus department add into google plus, seems only natural. Thanks for the heads up!
i like this new improvement. thank dev team
Have you fixed the notifications so that they make the led on my phone light up? (like every other app is able to do) I keep missing notifications because of this.
Savable searches, please. Thanks for the update!
Am I missing something? We can't zoom photos?
Finally got what is hot. A major improvement to me. 
Great progress, wish we could have one for iPads too
Better- Even more likely to use G+ now
Unfortunately, it still doesn't work right on the Toshiba Thrive tablet. :(
welldone google love the new concept
I just downloaded mine and so far am loving it.
How about removing our G+ contacts from our Android Contacts list thereby saving us 25MB+ of valuable memory real estate?
+Adam Colon In the G+ app, go to Settings and scroll down, you'll see a "Sync contacts" checkbox. I do wish it had an "only existing contacts" setting, though.
Right, except for the fact that I use Google Contacts for my primary phone contact list, and can't do that.

It was just fine until some genius[es] either decided this was a good idea, or neglected to think about the consequences and now continues to not fix the problem.
+Adam Colon I don't follow you. The way those G+ contacts get into your phone's contact list is via the G+ app's sync feature. Turn off sync in the G+ app, and they should disappear from the Contacts/People app.
Yeah!!! Using "What's Hot" with my phone now. Thanks! That is SO huge.
It would still be nice if they brought back the widget for phones. Great app, great all around
I would like to see a "What's hot" Stream for IOS. Even though soon I will stitch to an Android, I would still like it.
How about adding font size changes ? its simple right? Gmail has it ..why not G+?
+Paul Newport Sorry that you had to clear data. We will be looking into this issue.

We cannot reproduce the problem you are describing: "Start writing a post, jump over to another app perhaps to cut and paste some text, when you return to the G+ app you go back to the main page not the post you were writing. ". Can you provide more precise repro steps?
Awesome enhancements thank you very much for your effort! :D
Is the Incoming feed now integrated into my stream? Was kind of nice being able to sift through shares from people who follow me, but I don't necessarily have circled them.
Perhaps combining the chat feature on the desktop site with the messenger feature on the mobile application?
Just updated mine, I'm liking it so far
Add share Videos to hangouts! Allow share with Hangout when viewing pictures.
It seems to be using less storage space now - that's a very welcome change, thanks :)

The photo viewer seems to crop photos wrongly though (not just in this release, the previous one did it too). It trims off the sides, and as far as I can see, there's no way of seeing the full photo.
Really loving it.. Super speed enhancements...less cpu/memory hogging.. lots of other improvements...

One major feedback... Please explicitly mention that the cache needs to be cleared post update... one possible place would be the first point of the 'Whats new' section...
Removing of Incoming means I will not update.
+ 1000 to the Tablet version requests. Yes, it works on a tablet, however, there are a lot of ways the tablet interface could be improved.

For example, dual or triple pane view where you can select the circle in the left column, see posts in the second (middle) column and optionally have a third column for expanded comments view.

As it is right now, you have a LOT of white space, the font is really too small for a tablet screen, and the photo/picture previews are too small as well since they're shrunk down for a phone.
So THIS is the reason my G+ app has so slow since the update.
When trying to share a video in my Android phone from Youtube application to Google+ application, videos are posted without preview and just the title. Does anybody have this issue?
How can we disable the 'What's Hot' section. The whole reason I wanted to use Google + was to limit what I shared and was exposed to.

Some of these posts are DISGUSTING! and LEWD!

If we can't get rid of them, I guess we'll quit using it at all.
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