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+Ben Schoon, relating to your latest 9to5Google article mentioning +Swappa, sounds like Google/Fi is clearing many/most (maybe all?) of the Pixels that were being negatively effected.

+Phandroid +Andrew Myrick Be careful buying from Swappa?! We're the only service actively trying to keep blacklisted devices out of people's hands.

Why are you framing the problem with Pixels getting blacklisted by Google/Fi as if it has anything to do with +Swappa?

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Nintendo stuff on Swappa?!

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So I mentioned how little Verizon was willing to give me for my Nexus 6p. I then turned to +Swappa​ (which I should've done in the first place but was curious as to how much Verizon offers) I post on #Swappa and the very same day it was sold for $300 dollars . #AlwaysUseSwappa

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Swappa sto fo sho:

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Happy birthday Swappa! #proudfather
🎂 It's our 6th birthday! Huge thanks to each of you for your support and use of the site! We (literally) couldn't do this without you! 💚

Please consider shopping small-ish with us this holiday! And check out the new warranties available for newish devices if you haven't already. Thanks!!! 

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Fee increases kinda suck. But you know what sucks more? Seeing millions of people sell their device on eBay (with substantially higher fees) or to Gazelle (where they pay you about half of what it's worth) simply because they've never heard of Swappa.

Swappa's competitors are huge and numerous. And they spend most of their money (millions and millions of dollars) on marketing instead of providing a better service.

Our expenses go primarily towards hiring people to provide amazing customer service and moderation that keeps the marketplace safe. People. About 2/3 of our small staff is support and moderation.

Swappa has never done any big marketing; we don't have millions and millions of dollars. This small fee increase won't change either of those things. But slightly higher fees, which are still much less than our competitors', does mean that we can continue to invest more in improving our service and finding creative ways to spread the word about Swappa.

Swappa's fees are still simple, transparent, and nominal. Our services are still an incredible value.

Thanks for using +Swappa.


In the last six years of operating Swappa, we’ve never raised prices. We’ve had a flat $10 sale fee since the launch in December of 2010. Beginning November 1, 2016 our sale fees will start at $5 and be tiered based on the value of the device sold.

As we add additional product lines like Chromebooks, VR and MacBooks, tiered pricing will help us continue to provide the best marketplace, best community, and best support. As always our fees will be simple, transparent, and lower than all of our known competitors.

Please visit to review the details of this change. Our support staff is always here to help, 24/7/365. Please contact us at with additional questions.

Team Swappa 

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Chromebooks on +Swappa... that's pretty cool:
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