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Like radio, film, and theater companies going back hundreds of years, BioWare games often have a very familiar voice cast from one production to the next.
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Hey! I have a question What phone would you rather have Droid Razr Maxx, Galaxy Nexus, or Samsung Galaxy s II?
Once it gets ICS, Razr Maxx. Though the Galaxy Note looks sweet, I want a pressure-sensitive pen on my phone/tablet
Samsung Galaxy s II on verizon 3g or droid razer maxx or samsung galaxy s ii skyrocket on verizon 4g.
You like the galaxy note. The pen is sorta nice but the big of a screen it does not fit in your pocket. Interesting idea though.
I can generally pack a kindle fire in my jeans / jacket pockets, and the note isn't that much bigger than the Razr / SGsII.

The pen is really attractive to me, since it uses Wacom tech and I'd love to use my phone as a sketchpad
I guess it is just our own preferences of how we like our phones.
Do you know if the nokia lumia 900 has good battery life.
Exactly - having hardware choices is my favorite aspect of the Android platform :) I don't know about the 900's battery, probably have to wait for a review on AT&T
Do you have an Android Phone?
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