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Inbound marketing and journey based advertising
Inbound marketing and journey based advertising


Is field dead?

Obviously an over-statement, but curious what peoples thoughts on the value of field to drive turnout in light of the presidential election demonstrating that it can be done without field.

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Wow, has to be the best ad I've seen all year. Any other ads worth sharing?

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Thought this was an interesting example of how polls aren't accurate for third parties and independent candidates. While Jill Stein may be tie with Harambe and losing to Deez Nuts, she surely has much better ballot access than a dead gorilla and get more votes than he does.

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Yesterday, SourceFed alleged that Google manipulated autosuggest results to benefit Hillary Clinton. I just found out that they were wrong...

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I thought this was an interesting polling / referendum post. In this case, when you make 'I don't know' much more prominent, the question becomes a lot closer. It's something for candidates to think about when they are trying to ID votes... Do you prominently offer undecided or force them to make a choice? 

Curious if anyone here was going for a delegate spot to the respective conventions. Did you hear back good / bad news?

Is there any way to stop the sharing notifications that come up every time I move a file from one folder to another?

How can I add text / create a meme from images on Google+? I knew how to with the old design but not now :(

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