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Ben Colmery
I launch transformational digital media projects around the world. And challenge conventions.
I launch transformational digital media projects around the world. And challenge conventions.


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If you're in Lagos, check it out! And please spread the word.
Want to learn how to create news infographics & charts in minutes ... and win cash prizes in the process?  

#HacksHackers  Lagos is hosting a crash-course at the Co-Creation Hub on Saturday, January 11.  

The meetup will start at 11am sharp, and will offer hands-on one-on-one training using #DataWrapper to create news graphics that will help you simplify complex stories for your audiences. DataWrapper is a simply visualisation tool specially created for newsrooms, and used by everyone from Twitter and the UK Guardian, to various African media.

The training is free-of-charge, and will be led by a team of experts from The best infographics or data-driven visualisations created at the workshop will win prizes totalling $250.  

There are limited seats, so register ASAP on the Lagos chapter's gGroup here:

We're looking for amazing ICFJ Knight International Journalism Fellow candidates, partners & projects for 2014. More info here 

Wondering if G+ might be a great place to post publicly without anyone actually reading. Like going out into the deep woods to yell out into the air and the sky with no need for a net or self censorship. Just the satisfaction of expression free of social calamity. Because it really seems quiet here. On the whole. A kind of odd paradox for a social network run by a massive company that is not so social.

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Sorry, Facebook, but G+ is killing you on mobile design. Just realizing. Too bad everyone I know isn't here.

You know what's great about G+? Getting away from obnoxious politics spamming friends who jam up my Facebook newsfeed. It's like finally knowing what fresh air smells like.

So, it's looking like Google Hangout is a good alternative to Skype for international calls to low bandwidth areas. Sweet.

I feel like I should say something here.

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