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Ben Cauble
Android junkie, sys admin, tech addict
Android junkie, sys admin, tech addict

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I note that there doesn't seem to be a way to add gifs to the gif library. As the gif keyboard is my favorite recent feature, is there any way to get more gifs?

Has anyone heard about an updated Google Nexus 10 with mobile data? I'm really interested in the Nexus 10 but I'm wanting to be able to connect using a mobile network.

Hey Android guys, I'm looking for tablet recommendations for a streaming media center for a family member.  I need an Android tablet that has HDMI out. Is there any reason not to do this (as opposed to using some laptop as a media streaming device)?
Any devices out there that you'd recommend? I'd like the hardware to be pretty rock-solid, with a good bit of storage. I can add an SD card to it.
Budget conscious, Wi-fi only, I don't need a data plan.

Okay, here's a question for Linux geeks:
I want to display the last successful login as well as any failed login attempts every time that I successfully authenticate to a server via SSH. I'd like it to be displayed on the screen (obviously all this is via the command line).
Thoughts about how to do this?  Maybe a simple script that runs lastb [username]?
Additional issues: lastb can't be run by a non-privileged account.

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This is so silly from whoever in Marketing at Nokia.

I mean, seriously, in today's tech world when everything is scrutinized to the nth  degree, you didn't think, someone would catch you?

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This methodology appears flawless to me.

Any Galaxy S3 users who can point out how to turn off wireless file sharing (like from the phone to another wireless device) besides a reboot?  It stays in my status bar, and the icon looks like the wireless icon with two horizontal arrows, pointing opposite directions. I've gone through just about every settings menu I can think of. Rebooting fixes it, but I don't want to have to do that.

Samsung Galaxy S3 is fantastic looking. Rooted it just now, and I'm copying all my other stuff to my sdcard. I got the 16 gb version of phone, and I have a 32 Gb card so I should be set...:-)
After this, I'll begin flashing roms.

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That's completely mesmerizing.
Can't. Stop. Watching.
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