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Quick Tip: if you circle me and your own profile and posts are full of God(*) talk, you may find that it suddenly seems like I never posted anything. If that is the case, please remember that God works in mysterious ways.

(*) for this neat party trick, any deity suffices
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The majority of the people I get on with in meatspace, are religious.
The fact that they are religious doesn't come into play, and if I'd not shared a meal or a tragic event with them, I'd never have known they were religious.
Before anyone pulls the apologist card, I'll draw a heavy line between being able to accept a person based on their deeds, even when I disagree with their beliefs and taking up for those idiotic beliefs.
If you can't differentiate between the two, you're precisely the thing which you're screaming and stamping your feet about.
Religion deserves to be mocked, and so do people when they demonstrate that they're raging idiots. But unless and until they demonstrate that they're the sum of their beliefs, they deserve the same as you and I- to be left the fuck alone.
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Ben C. O. Grimm

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Warm, it is not.
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I desperately needed a bit of ocean. The wind though, was so intense that I couldn't force myself to walk into it.
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Ben C. O. Grimm

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Croquettes on rye at the beach, with some sun warming us up.
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Bask on that sun.. It's rain in here (Portugal), so you'll probably get it in a few days.. :(
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Ben C. O. Grimm

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So the underwear doesn't work!
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~ Mary Poppins Sings Death Metal ~
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I love that movie -- even though there are longer words in English and Disney hired a poor accent coach for Dick Van Dyke.
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On the behavior of Dutch hooligans in Rome, last Thursday, and the response to it, from Rome:

Lots of big words are coming out of a country that elected a fascist prime minister repeatedly, allows a fascist party and fascist politicians in parliament, and an openly fascist football club in its own capital. Also, please ignore the clear reports of provocation by your masked and anonymous police forces (

And for those Italians who start screaming: "That's not true for all Italians!" .. now you know why calling ALL Dutch and ALL Feyenoord supporters "animals" and "beasts", and demanding apologies from an ENTIRE country or even the CLUB Feyenoord is fucking ridiculous.

You are no more civilized than the assholes that vandalised your city. SHAME ON YOU, TOO, for responding and flailing around like emotionally unstable children.

Oh, and apologize for the barbaric circumstances on Lampedusa and for how you treat the Roma people and immigrants in general while you're here. You know, those people you also call "animals" and "beasts".

See how that feels.

Not nice, is it?

Vergogna, indeed.

#feyenoord #asroma
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My father (Italian, his father came to America as a child) said that in ancient times they had a crazy convention in Italy and everyone stayed. And that's why Italy. 
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Ben C. O. Grimm

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A few more pictures of the 'Bergen aan Zee' area. It's a bit out of our way for a beach walk, but it's always worth it.
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Ben C. O. Grimm

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It's almost not windy.
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Brrrrr.. getting cold looking at it ...
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Ben C. O. Grimm

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I think the percentage of bona fide incoming circle adds on Plus has firmly dropped below ten. It's beginning to look like a circus here.
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I thought she was from Nigeria, like that prince who is my new best friend.
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Ben C. O. Grimm

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~ Dutch Courage ~
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Was that Schroedinger's Citroen?
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~ Google may finally liberate Photos and Hangouts from Google+ ~ [The Verge] :: The current iteration of Google+ may not be around for much longer. In an extensive interview with Forbes, Google's product czar Sundar Pichai says the company may break out features like Photos and Hangouts from Google+. Pichai says communications is a key area of concern for the company, and it may change some things up within Google+ to address the issues. "I think increasingly you’ll see us focus on communications [Hangouts], photos, and the Google+ stream as three important areas, rather than being thought of as one area," Pichai told Forbes. ::
The current iteration of Google+ may not be around for much longer. In an extensive interview with Forbes, Google's product czar Sundar Pichai says the company may break out features like Photos...
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Hangouts on the desktop is ridiculous since Google Talk stopped working. Now I have to have a browser window open on G+ all the time in order to get Hangouts. While I can pop individual chat windows out onto the desktop in mini-browser windows, it's still all tied to that G+ page. If I refresh the page or accidentally close it, all my chat windows disappear. It's completely stupid.

New proper Hangouts desktop app, please, Google. And not a "phone it in" piece of crap like Google Talk was, either.
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I am Dutch.
I am from Rotterdam.
I am a Feyenoord supporter.
I have season tickets to Feyenoord.
I have been to European away games.
I have never destroyed anything.
I have never hurt anyone.
I will not be forced into shame by either Italian or Dutch social networking hooligans hurling abuse, generalizations, and ridiculously aggressive and sometimes downright nationalistic and racist abuse at people like me.
I will not be forced into shame by either Dutch or Italian politicians, newspapers, or other sensationalist media whose only goal is to capitalize on outrage and xenophobia.
I will not be moved.
Go fuck yourself.

#feyenoord #asroma
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Je suis Ben!
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