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Ben C. O. Grimm
Attended Leiden University
Lives in Bleiswijk
Senior IT Engineer/Innovator, Ministry of Defense / FreeBSD Forums Administrator
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Rotterdam - Leiden
Read my full profile ('About') before you decide to circle me! Married, Dutch, FreeBSD Geek/Forums Mod, a(nti)theist, science lover, and stable male person. If you decide to circle me for commercial or proselytizing reasons: fuck you very much. Note: I own my posts and all comments under them. I actively delete comments from trolls and throwaway accounts (no avatar, no or few followers, nonsensical/fake profiles, etc.).
Third-Party Source Disclaimer:
When anyone wants to debate the content of an external article that I post, don't assume it is written by me, or that I necessarily agree with it. I post a wide variety of articles of interest to atheists, secularists, and progressives. If those were all exemplary of my own opinions I'd be a raving schizophrenic.. External articles are always posted in the form of: 

Headline [source] :: quote or summary ::

Anything before or after that would be a personal comment. My own opinions and ideas look like regular Google+ posts.


Original Photography: 
Any of my original photography, either in posts or in albums, is licensed under a Creative Commons license, the Attribution-NonCommercial-No Derivatives 4.0 International License (see for exact license terms). A short, non-exhaustive summary. 
  • You may use and alter my photographs for strictly personal use
  • You may (re)share my photographs unaltered and with full attribution only (no memes, no photoshop, no editing, or any other alterations are allowed; resizing with original aspect ratio is allowed);
  • You may make my photographs part of a non-commercial collection, collage, overview, or work of art, unaltered and with full attribution only; resizing with original aspect ratio is allowed;
  • You may not use my photographs in any commercial setting without my permission
Full attribution: "Original photography by Ben C. O. Grimm - released under the Attribution-NonCommercial-No Derivatives 4.0 International License"

Some of my photographs are not for redistribution; those are clearly labeled ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Topics I post about include: atheism, political activism, progressive politicsphysics, maths, cosmology, astronomy, biology, evolution, genetics, philosophy, sociology, neuroscience

Circle me:

If you're interested in rationalityscienceatheism (the disbelief in gods), anti-theism (the position that belief in deities is actually harmful), anti-religionism (the position that all supernatural/irrational/spiritual belief systems are actually harmful), skepticism (within reason, some issues are beyond questioning by now), secularism (freedom of and from religion, church/state separation), social/political activism, and social progress: by all means, be my guest. 


I'm informed, educated, and old enough by now to know what view of society I feel most comfortable with. You will need empirical evidence and solid reasoning to convince me of the contrary. I'm a typical European secular and rational left-winger. I don't hide that. I tend to share a lot of information and ideas about the "Circle Me" topics, and I welcome constructive comments. 



“There is no polite way to suggest to someone that they have devoted their life to a folly.” 
-- Daniel Dennett


I actively discourage people who push their +1 activity into other people's timelines. See here how to stop doing that:

I actively mute or even block people who push notifications for their posts my way. I have circles to follow people; I don't need them shouting in my ear.
Bragging rights
My girl calls me the love of her life. She is the love of my life. We are now married. Beat that.
  • Leiden University
    Political Science, 1988 - 1995
  • Universiteit van Amsterdam
    Communication Science, 1989 - 1993
  • Erasmus University
    Politics & Business, 1992 - 1995
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Ben Grimm, BenGrimm, Ben C. O. Grimm, BenCOGrimm, Benjamin