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Ben Blench
I like to get the words right
I like to get the words right

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"And so I'll smile and I'll acquiesce,
when she invites me to caress her scabby cat;
I'll sit still while she knits and whitters cross me heart,
And I wont lay a finger on the crabby old bat-face"

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"I said, 'How do you like the show?'
She said, 'I was very amused'"

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"I wasn't really sure what was going on"

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"I try to touch girls, I keep thinking of World War Three"

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Seriously digging the Wytches at the moment. Deliciously Bleachy.

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Dynamite dopeness out of Africa. Slink-wrap your eardrum.

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"Oh get me another tie,
Get me another shirt,
Get me another wooly,
Every day."

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Now playing: Xaviera! An impossibly naff spoken word LP by the "Happy Hooker"

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First-rate handclap action!

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"I was drunk at the pulpit, I knew it was wrong
And I left in mid-sermon tempted by a bar-house song
The pews creaked and shifted as they turned to watch me leave
And I pulled a little bottle from the pocket in my sleeve"
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