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Ben Anderson
Social Media addict that refuses to join a 12 step.
Social Media addict that refuses to join a 12 step.


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If you'd like to follow me and you aren't in one of my "In Real Life" circles here are some topics that I will likely engage with you in:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons)
Technology (specifically gadgets and new inventions)
Politics (I'm a conservative but don't let that stop you)
Social Media (specifically application of social media for professional reasons)
American Football - particularly the 49ers
Current Events
Tri-Cities Washington
Dr. Who

I'll adjust this post with additional topics in the future. If you add me to a circle with one of these themes let me know so I can do likewise. 

The power of circles is in the ability to manage the type of content you see in your feed. You will get the type of information that you'd like in your feed by telling me what you'd like to see. Likewise for when I follow someone. Have a great day. #nf

I've seen dozens of news reports suggest the Doctor is only 2000 years old. If I'm not mistaken he is now billions of years old. He literally punched through diamond for billions of years before returning to Galifrey in an episode last season.

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I'd really like to get my hands on one of these...if only I hadn't spent my budget on my current computer. :(

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This is awesome!

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Check out this live video of the last conservative candidate in the race for president.

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This is pretty cool...I think my kids would go nuts if I did this for a science project. :)

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How to optimize your social media profiles

One of the most challenging aspects of online marketing is keeping up with the changing trends and practices of #socialmediamarketing . The trends are volatile and tend to appear and vanish without saying hello or goodbye. #Twitter makes changes to its profile layout just another casual day and the next thing you know #Facebook introduced Like Button Reactions for its posts. Being a marketer by profession, we have to keep up with these trends to devise better and more engaging marketing strategies for our clients. In this blog, you'll discover some elements that are critical for any #socialmedia marketer to avoid loss in traffic or engagement on their pages.

#infographic  courtesy of: +Trellis


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