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I've been using this app's round-up feature for a couple of years now to invest money for me in the background without me noticing the money being gone. I've managed to not only save a lot of money, but also accrue dividends on the investments. I highly recommend this app.

If you join with my link below, we both get $5 put into our investment accounts.
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Easily stream, download and organize your torrents -- Directly on the cloud. Download once - play everywhere!
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ViralSweep - Enter to Win a Radar Detector Bundle valued at $400!
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They're not saluting. They're rubbing the back of the head of the person in front of them.
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This is New Jersey's version of "justice."
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+JMR954 I read that. This is better than what they were potentially looking at. And it's a;so made them revise the law as well.
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If you share my love for BitTorrent you'll like this new service. The free option is perfectly fine, it's what I'm using. Use this link for an extra half gig of space:
Easily stream, download and organize your torrents -- Directly on the cloud. Download once - play everywhere!
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"Gun owners aren't idiots. We also aren't all conservatives, we aren't all straight, we aren't all white, we aren't all men. We're not easily put into the boxes that they try to put us into. And this, too, infuriates the anti-gun movement. The backlash against Colion Noir, an African-American gun owner, when he became a paid commentator for the NRA was virulent and patronizing. He can't like gun ownership for its own sake, he must be a "shill". Everyone getting paid to post anti-gun articles, they aren't shills, they're just honestly expressing their opinions.

This is why there's no movement on new anti-gun laws. We don't like having our opinions invalidated, we don't like being insulted, we don't like having lies endlessly passed off as truth, and we don't like when a big money SuperPAC with a handful of wealthy donors tries to force their preferred laws to pass. And it's only in the field of gun ownership that the left accepts these things from authoritarian politicians."
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I've been using this app for a while and I have to say, it's pretty sharp. I had no idea how active it was. If you use this link to set up an account and there isn't a neighborhood group already active where you live, they'll even give you a $25 Amazing giftcard! See you on there!
Over 47,000 communities across the U.S. are using Nextdoor to strengthen their neighborhoods.
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Sign up to get a free TrackR! I want to hide one inside my bike so I can find it if it gets stolen. How would you use it?
Feature packed to help you keep track. This little, but powerful device is built tight with features that make finding your most prized possessions easy. Check out all of the goodies TrackR sticker has in it. Distance Indicator. TrackR displays the distance between yourself and your items.
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On my wife.
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Nobody got the joke.
I play video games unprofessionally.

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Developed the most popular YouOS application using JavaScript alone at the age of 17. Received Honor Graduate and the Commanding General's award for my US Army OSUT training cycle at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. Developed a malware removal program with thousands of registered users at the age of 19 using a program designed to make computer games.
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