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O!M!G! Oh Yeahhhhhhhhh!

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Community is returning for a sixth season on Yahoo Screen after being cancelled by NBC in May, according to The Wrap. Developing...
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Tanto potencial :)

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Belmiro Sotto-Mayor

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Very good information. Makes you think.
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Breaking Bad

Well just now I'm getting around to the final season... and damn it's really the culmination of a brilliant show. 

The character development is astonishing and the performances are some of the best I've seen.

I remember seeing the first season and remembering Bryan Cranston from Malcolm in the Middle thinking how could he play up this part, but man does he delivers.

All in all, if you haven't seen it yet you're really not doing you any favor, so put this on top and just watch the show.

#breakingbad   #bryancranston  
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Eu já votei. E tu?

#portugal #autarquicas2013
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Calvin and Dune what's there not to like.

#CalvinandHobbes   #Dune  

+Sérgio Bernardino 
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It's awesomeeeeee :)
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Now this is awesome :) everybody should check it.

#gameofthrones   #allmenmustdie  
A very graphic representation of HBO's Game of Thrones by Nigel Evan Dennis
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+Arsenal is completely lost, 4-0, 20 minutes in, +Liverpool FC is playing but Arsenal is not even in the field.

#barclayspremierleague   #LiverpoolvsArsenal   #liverpoolfc   #arsenalfc  
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Belmiro Sotto-Mayor

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Well this is good :) awesome way of analyzing the show.

+Miguel Cardoso
The final eight episodes of Breaking Bad begin tonight. It's been a brilliant show throughout, mastering tension, continuity, and the ultimate character arc to create something special. It's the at...
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Am I the only one who thinks the iPhone 5C has a little more than a passing resemblance to the Lumia 620?

And they're both awful...

#lumia620   #iphone5c   #nokia   #apple  
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A must save for all.

Preface to the New Millennium Edition · Feynman's Preface · Foreword · Chapter 1. Atoms in Motion · 1-1 Introduction · 1-2 Matter is made of atoms · 1-3 Atomic processes · 1-4 Chemical reactions · Chapter 2. Basic Physics · 2-1 Introduction · 2-2 Physics before 1920 · 2-3 Quantum physics ...
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