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Attending weddings can be one of the most fun aspect in the wedding process. From taking note of what a friend had at a wedding to something you’ve seen on TV, it’s a great way to gather ideas for your own wedding day. Looking for ways to make your event memorable is all in the details. What makes your day stand out is taking something that is traditional and putting your own spin on it. Let’s consider a few things you typically see at weddings…. “The Sign In Book.” We’ve all seen and or signed this book and there really is not much to it. A great alternative to this Sign In Book is to have guests sign a Note Wall instead. When guests arrive, they write the couple a note and sign it and place it in an envelope for the couple to read later. This is also a clever way to have record of all your guests that attended and the notes can be framed for a keepsake for years to come. Also, the one thing most weddings have during a reception is a drink station of some sort. If you are planning on having children at your wedding(tweens), a great idea is to set up a lemonade stand for them to serve guests during a hot summer wedding. This will give the children you wanted to include in your wedding somehow, an important role. By going a step further and creating signature lemonades for them to serve, your guest will love this idea! A tip jar next to the stand labeled “Honeymoon Fund” for the newly married couple is not a bad idea either.
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