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Ponte en contacto con nosotros y solicítanos presupuesto sin compromiso. 

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18€ per person

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Happy Halloween!!! :)

#Halloween   #PartyNight   #CostaBlanca
Boo!! Who Wants To Have A Halloween Hangout?
Whoooo else is gonna be at home in their costume on Halloween night? Let's have a virtual Trick Or Treat in Hangouts... If you dare!!! 

Seriously! Let's do this! Every year I get a last-minute fright of Halloween spirit and decide to make a costume out of whatever I can find in my closet. This year we can have all the thrill of ringing doorbells and collecting candy without freezing our booties off!! I remember every time I had to wear a winter coat over my awesome costume.... Now we can have a virtual Hangout Halloween!!!

How doooo we doooo this?
✖ I can start a hangout at a designated time
✖ You guys can "ring my doorbell" by joining! Or...
✖ Hangout Chat me to get an invite
✖ I'll invite everyone I can and we'll rotate the seats!


✖ We can start our own Halloween Hangout "Houses"
✖ Post the URL links to join them and hop from "house" to "house"

Which sounds better???

What will we doooo?
✖ Get dressed up and show off our costumes!
✖ Read & tell spooky stories with flashlights! (Ooo "The Raven"! "Tell Tale Heart"! Ok... Everything Poe ever wrote...)
✖ Dare each other to do stuff!
✖ Trick or treat around the world!
✖ And still give out candy to anyone who rings my actual doorbell ;)

If you wanna get ghosty wit me comment below! I'll start an invite circle and set up an event page! We can pick a time and then let the Halloween Hangout-ing begin!


Ps. I could even play a spooky version of my song "Ghost" or sing "Thriller" or something! ;)

#HangoutHalloween   #Hangouts   #TrickOrTreat  
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Wurde gestern wirklich die Uhr umgestellt? Wir sind ja so verschlafen hier in Andalusien, dass eine Stunde mehr oder weniger bei unserer kultivierten Unpünktlichkeit keine Rolle spielt. Kann mich mal einer aufklären? Naja, Euch denn irgendwann ein Buenas Noches! #winterzeit #uhrenumstellen #zeitlosigkeit  

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¡Aprovecha cada momento! Reserva ya tu escapada para este fin de semana, tenemos pocas habitaciones ya disponibles y una de ellas puede ser tuya desde 23 euros la noche. 

#Espacadas   #CostaBlanca   #Pego   #BellavistaResidential   #Oferta   #Viajes   #Oferta1deNoviembre  
El ciego solia soñar que veia, y al no ver nada, el podia soñar lo que queria...

Vive tu vida como si fueras a morir mañana... 
(Nunca se sabe cuando acabara.)

♥ ► █▓▒░░ +Diegote OteOte ░░▒█ ◄ ♥

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These is impossible at Spain, here, at Costa Blanca, never snow!!!
Come and check it yourself! :)

#CostaBlanca   #Great   #Wether   #ForeverSun  
A Canadian Police Chase..........hehehehe
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