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When it’s time to move it is time to clean and we know how harsh some of those cleaning products could be. So we find some home remedies to three commonly used products Tub & Shower Cleaner, Multi Surface Cleaner, and an alternative to Bleach. 

Tub & Shower Cleaner: ½ Water, ½ Baking Soda. Making however much you need but if you need more punch and a few drops of liquid castile soap. 

Multi Surface Cleaner: 2 ½ tablespoons of Vinegar, 16 oz. of Water, and 14 drops of desired Essential Oil. Tip: We like lemon-grass and Lavender essential oils the give off a clean smell.
Alternative to Bleach: ½ cup of Vinegar or Lemon Juice, 1 gallon of Water, 1 and ½ cups of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, If Lemon Juice is used skip this step otherwise use 10 drops of Lemon-grass Essential Oil. FYI: This works for clothes as its color safe, spot treating before wash, in the bathroom and anywhere else in the home. 

So we wanted to give our followers a funny tip and we thought whats the most important thing on moving day? When moving you can work up a real sweat so piling on deodorant will save the day from the under arm blues. 
Happy Safe a Fun Friday!

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We have an awesome holiday DIY for the tiny ones during a move or anytime. 10 different holiday ornaments the kids can make and keep for memory of their move.  

Happy Holidays!

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Enjoying the holidays in a new home is truly special but every year there are holiday tragedies caused by our beloved Christmas trees. We found some great tips to help prevent a holiday fire and keep the magic of the holidays going.  

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Tomorrow is considered the beginning holiday season and moving during this time can be hard for the whole family. has a blog post that talks about ways to get through the move while keeping some of the beloved traditions. 

We wish all of our follower and visitors a very Happy Thanksgiving. 

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It is hard moving during the holidays but this DIY is so simple new home owners won’t have any reason not to decorate. Have a mason jar free to use, it will be perfect for a center piece at this year’s Thanks Giving dinner table.

Tip of The Day:
We adore our furry four legged friends or our cute little ones, but moving day is not the most exciting day for them or us. Consider having a babysitter or a family friend take them on a day of fun to the beach, park, or even just the mall. After a day of fun they can come home to their new playground with everything where it's supposed to be.  

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DIY of The Week!
Is there a small space that is just craving a small but special light? This Mason Jar Lamp DIY could be the perfect fit. It is easy and gives a unique touch knowing that very few will have one like it.  

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Moving boxes can be heavy and could be a real pain to walk with when the box is all you can see. 
Try cutting an upside down triangle as a handle to help make it a fun and easy move. 
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