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Belinda Weaver
Copywriting courses, coaching and content. Authentically ginger. Sometimes smartarse.
Copywriting courses, coaching and content. Authentically ginger. Sometimes smartarse.

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My Copywriting Master Class (copywriting course) is opening its doors on Monday March 13.

Doors will stay open for just two weeks. And the last few registrations have SOLD OUT in just 7 days. (Yes, I am still excited enough to shout!).

If you want some more info and first dibs on the VIP launch discount, get your name down here >>

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They seem obvious and yet so many people forget these basic aspects of effective communication.


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[BLOG FLASH BACK] How to write guarantees that guarantee sales.

"Guarantee" is one of those power words that commands attention. But how do you write a guarantee that avoids guarantee blindness? (Yes, that's a thing).

This post steps through other guarantees than your bog standard 'money back guarantee' with tips on how to give them real power.

Read it on The Copy Detective blog >>

#copywritingtips #copywriter

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Great copywriting isn't just about persuading people to take action. Great copywriting is about inspiring people to take action.

I love this line from this post on Copy Hackers. I got shivers of pleasure reading this. Excellent tips too!

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[NEW +HOT COPY PODCAST] +Sean D'Souza shares story telling techniques to improve our copywriting.


Tune in to learn:
* How Sean went from cartoonist to author
* Essential elements of a good story
* How copywriters can integrate storytelling into everyday copywriting projects
* Types of stories to be avoided
* What signature stories are and why you should use them

Find us on iTunes:
Or listen on the Hot Copy website:

And we'd love to know, what is your morning routine like? We shared ours... now it's your turn!

#copywriting #podcast #storytelling

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+Headspace inspiration: Know your madness 😜

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WARNING: Your oh so clever copywriting is probably unreadable

[NEW BLOG] Many writers can’t wait to pop on their clever trousers, assuming that the more clever their copywriting is the more professional it is.

And the result is, well, it’s unreadable.

It’s not that cleverness has no place in copywriting. Not at all. It’s just that the easier your messages are to read, the easier they are understood and actioned!

And that's entirely the point. Isn't it?

The new post shares some tips on making your copy more readable and gives you some great (free) tools you can use to identify the copywriting trouble spots to focus on.

Read the post at:

#copywriiting #tips 

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[NEW +HOT COPY PODCAST!] Do you ever wonder if the freelance life is for you? Reality sometimes doesn't live up the 'working-by-the-beach' posts you see online.

In our latest pod, Rebekah Lambert from +Unashamedly Creative shares her research and experience as tips on surviving as a freelancer. And it's PACKED full of great advice.

Check it out on iTunes:

Or the HC website: << where there are great links and resources.


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As I mosey into week two of my new baby's life, my to do list is pretty short.

1) Keep her alive
2) Do my quarterly BAS

What's your big ticket item this week? 
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