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Belinda Weaver
Copywriting courses, coaching and content. Authentically ginger. Sometimes smartarse.
Copywriting courses, coaching and content. Authentically ginger. Sometimes smartarse.


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[NEW BLOG] How to give SUPERPOWERS to your copywriting numbers

Because they do have hidden powers!

Find out how to make the numbers in your copywriting work harder than the words around them.

Where? On The Copy Detective blog >>

#copywriting #copywritingtips #copywriter
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[NEW BLOG] Copywriting review: Turn WTF into Take my money!

Good marketing copy doesn’t have to be read.

The words and message simply absorb into the reader’s brain, like osmosis.

Okay. Yes. That sounds like BS but that doesn’t mean it’s not true.

When your reader has to consciously read your words you’re on a countdown to losing them. Reading copy should be easy. It shouldn’t involve mentally stumbling over some phrasing or having to stop and ask, WTF?

Today's blog post is a rewrite of some copy that made me stop and ask, WTF?

See the changes I made and why over on my blog, The Copy Detective >>

#copywriting #copywriter #copywritingtips #marketing
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[NEW POD] Uniqueness: How to find a superpower in any business

Are you and your business unique? Are your clients? Of course not.

We’re calling uniqueness out as a marketing myth and yet, we all search for it when we write copy.

In this episode of the Hot Copy podcast, +Kate Toon and I share some techniques to uncover the distinctive superpower of a business – yours and your clients’.

Tune in to learn:
* Why uniqueness is a myth
* Our 6 tips to find a superpower that no one else talks about
* Why pencils are better than pens. Or is it the other way around?

#copywriting #copywriter #writingtips #podcast
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[NEW POD] E61: Copywriting Q&A part 2. Or the episode when we couldn't stop laughing.

A few weeks ago, +Kate Toon and I spent a Hot Copy podcast​ session answering questions from copywriters. We got so many awesome questions, that we decided to make two Q&A episodes.

This is the second but it’s a little different from the first, for two reasons.

We answer different questions for starters. But we also got the giggles. A lot.
But don’t worry. We mostly get it together by the time we get to the questions. And it’s smooth sailing from there.

Tune in to learn:
* How to move a client from piecemeal work to a retainer arrangement
* If you need a VA for your writing business, and if so, what sort of things should you get them to do?
* How to deal with cross-cultural copywriting
* “I forgot to track changes.” Discuss.
* Insurances: what we have, what we recommend for copywriters and our opinions on providers
* If it’s a good idea to get the final approver of your copy involved on each stage of a job
* When to send the brief template to the client, before or after your quote.
* The best way to deliver revisions to a client

Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher so you never miss a show or tune in on the HC website >>

#copywriting #copywriter #podcast #freelancer #freelancelife #writertips
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[NEW BLOG] How to slay imposter syndrome (and own your success)

Imposter syndrome. Ug.

That sweaty, gut-wrenching feeling of being found out. Found out as the person who doesn’t actually know what they’re talking about. The person who shouldn’t be there. The fraud.

If you’ve ever felt like you’re punching above your weight, you’ll understand these feelings well.

I know them. I've felt them. Often. I still feel them.

This talks about imposter syndrome, what it is and how to smash it so you can stop sabotaging your success.

Read it on The Copy Detective blog >> and leave your thoughts.

Have you ever suffered through this? Maybe you still do?

#copywriting #copywritertips #impostersyndromeismorenormalthanyouthink
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[NEW HOT COPY POD] E60: +Pamela Wilson on accidental copywriting and expert tips on becoming a master content marketer.

When do you start introducing yourself as a writer? When you’ve written some copy? When you’re regularly creating content that is shared around the world? When you’ve written a book on content marketing. Or two?

Our guest today has done all those things yet she still refers to herself as an amateur writer! In our interview, she shares her journey from graphic designer to author as well as some essential nuggets from her book on content marketing.

Tune in to learn:
* Pamela’s journey from graphic design to author
* How to beat imposter syndrome (from someone who has)
* Why and how many businesses are failing at content marketing
* Pamela’s four step strategy for creating and publishing exceptional content
* The headline writing process for her book title
* Why you need to be blogging
* How often you should promote your content

Search for Hot Copy podcast on iTunes or Stitcher, or listen on the Hot Copy website.
#copywriter #podcast #contentmarketing

This pod is brought to you by +Kate Toon and +Copywrite Matters
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One of my favourite guest blog posts on The Copy Detective explained how to create awesome product pages that sell (& practically write) themselves.

Great advice and examples to boot.

#copywriting #productdescriptions #copywritingtips
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Copywriters are already submitting work in the Copywriting Master Class. I'm loving it and so are they it seems!

Secure your seat if you want to learn essential writing skills and get your work critiqued (to learn even faster).

The course closes on Friday!

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Only 6 spots left and my Copywriting Master Class closes on Friday.

More than just a writing course. True story.
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