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Belinca Ferguson
Smitten! =)
Smitten! =)

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The Hardest Thing I had to do (part 3)
Last Day      The next morning was magnificent. As soon as my nephew and I ate breakfast my boys were at the door ready to take me back home. Funny though, my son was more excited to see his cousin more than me. I loved being back home with my family and th...

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The Hardest Thing I had to do. (part 2)
Day two... Another night down. Today I've made it a stay in day with my nephew. David FaceTimes me and gives me an update about the night. Julien seems more excited to see Jeremiah than he is to see me which proves he's doing fine with my absence. David tel...

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The Hardest Thing I had to do. (part 1)
Day one ...   Last night David and I planned to have me stay over my sister's place for a few days. Mainly its because Julien has created a link with me. He has to be touching my upper chest area for him to be able to go to sleep. Its even more annoying in ...

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Another Trip to Buckeye
I miss my family. Its feels like its been forever(Thanksgiving) since I had been down in buckeye. It was good for Julien to spend time with family. We were able to relax the first half of our time there and then we visited a lot of places. We were able to g...

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God Is Good!
I t started with a car and ended with a blessing. Our car had broken down right after Christmas due to timing belt issues. David and I discussed looking for another car, but when we puts things into perspective it would not have worked out. So, we decided t...

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Valentines Day Is Coming
S o it's that time again. Valentines day! You either love it or hate it. This year I decided to do the 14 days of Valentine. I folded up little boxes and inserted tickets of "I owe yous" into them for my husband to use at his leisure. So far they are workin...
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