A Unique Mixture of Afro-Cuban Religious Rituals or Witchcraft? The True Story Behind Santeria http://rgn.bz/sK65

Some religious practices can be very surprising because they link aspects from different beliefs which may appear incompatible at first glance. In the case of Santeria, the connection between native deities from Afro-Cuban folklore and Christianity have created one of the spiciest mixtures you can imagine in a religion.

The mysterious practice called Santeria is a polytheistic Afro-Cuban religion full of many mysterious elements, making it an oft-misunderstood practice. This religion mixing many cultures remains popular in Cuba and carries some confusing luggage of symbolism and deities. The practices of Santeria's followers are somewhat hypnotizing and often confuse Christians about its real roots.

The Historical Background of Santeria

Santeria followers generally prefer to call it ‘Regla de Ocha’ or the ‘Lucumí’ religion. The beginnings of this belief system may be dated to the first decades of the discovery of the “New Land”.

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