UK Defense Secretary Calls Terror-Bombing Yemen Saudi Self-Defense

Let’s see if I’ve got this straight. America has been drone-bombing Yemen since the Bush/Cheney years, largely killing defenseless civilians, yet media scoundrels ignore it.

In March 2015, Obama launched preemptive war on the country without declaring it, conspiring with Saudi Arabia, creating a humanitarian disaster, at least 80% of the population affected – hundreds of thousands at risk of starvation, dying from preventable diseases or perishing from Riyadh terror-bombing.

Media scoundrels largely abstain from covering a raging holocaust instead of condemning it. As long as they’re silent, the world’s severest humanitarian crisis goes unnoticed – except in occasional UN reports they don’t publish or comment on. Official death and injury numbers way-understate the calamity’s enormity, most Yemenis at risk.

According to London’s Independent, neocon UK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon defended the indefensible, saying Riyadh is “defending itself,” blaming Houthi fighters for Saudi high crimes committed against them and defenseless Yemeni civilians.

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