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Beep, Beep Extra, BeepXtra, Loyalty Card, ePOS
Beep, Beep Extra, BeepXtra, Loyalty Card, ePOS


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Hi Beepers

The Beep Online Terminal Software / Tablet Software is now available for stores and businesses to use in 6 languages i.e.

English, Russian, French, Portuguese, Netherlands and Hebrew

Hi Fellow Beepers

As a follow up on the previous newsline sent, we just want to inform all our members that we are still working on the issue related to the automatic update of the rank.

All data and new registrations are being recorded on our system, the issue is liked to what you as the members see on the front end.

We will keep you posted and we expect this issue to be resolved soon.

Thank you

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Lost your physical Beep Card ?

Not to worry, simply login to your beep dashboard and hit "Lost Your Card" !

You will then be promoted to insert a new physical card number or to be assigned a temporary number until you receive your new physical card.

Happy Beeping :-)

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Hi Everyone

All members can now login to their Beep Xtra dashboard and should you not have a physical Beep Card yet, you can now find the closest active beep store from where to get your Beep card from.

Should you already have a physical card, you will see the 5 active closest Beep Stores to your location.

Should there not be a Beep Store close to you at this time, not to worry Beep Stores are popping up daily, so be sure to keep checking.

IMPORTANT: Driving distance is calculated from the address stated on your user profile.

Is your Team Leader Letting you Down ?

Are you frustrated and not getting Answers ?

This Ends today !

Email us at

Hi Everyone

The Time is NOW

Invite your friends !

Invite your Family !

Invite your local Stores !

Invite Everyone !

You will be doing them a favor !!!!

Lets build Beep Together and Together we will all WIN !!!

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Over 300 Stores Active and Accepting Beep Cards Around the world !

New Stores / Outlets Added Daily!

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Beep Official Websites and Communication with Beep

Due to the fact that many of the Independent Distributors have created landing pages / websites, promoting the Beep Global Loyalty Card Service, we would like to inform all its members of the Official Websites hosted by Beep.

Official Beep Websites are:

IMPORTANT: The official Beep Contact Us form can be found at:

Beep cannot be held responsible for lack of communication which has been sent to the details provided on the Independent Distributors websites.

Should such issues occur we do advise members to inform Beep of such cases so as to investigate the matter and take action when needed.

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