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Bed Bug Hunters
Dedicated #bedbug control in London and all surroundings with guaranteed results!
Dedicated #bedbug control in London and all surroundings with guaranteed results!


A bed bug feeds every two or three days, usually at night when people are in their deepest sleep. Bed bugs can walk up to 72 meters in just one hour looking for a blood meal. #bedbugs #bedbugfacts

Bed bugs enter a semi-hibernation at temperature just below 16°C and will die after 15 minutes of exposure to -32°C. When it comes to maximum temperature, bed bugs and all of their life stages will die after 7 minutes of exposure to 46°C. #bedbugs #bedbugfacts

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What’s the deal with DIY #pestcontrol? And how to use it to prevent a #pest infestation? We asked +Greenleaf Organic Pest Management, Inc., +Panther Pest Control, +24/7 Pest Control and 10 other pest management experts and this is what they had to say:
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Steam heat treatment with super-heated dry steam is a non-toxic, cost-efficient method for integrated #bedbug management and control, ensuring complete removal and eradication of all life stages of bed bugs – adults, eggs and nymphs.

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A family in California had to endure a #bedbug #infestation so bad, that they were awarded a record compensation - $2 million. The family had to sleep on the floor with their two kids after a fumigation and getting a new furniture didn't solve their problem.

Political posts and news = permanent ban from this community! We do not mind if you promote your product or business if it is within the #pestcontrol industry!

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A couple's holiday in Rome was ruined after they paid through Airbnb for a flat infested with #bedbugs. They received a full refund but were left with no choice than to leave the apartment and go to a hotel as the situation was unbearable

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According to a recent study, your problems may not be over even after treating your home to tackle a #bedbug #infestation. The nasty insects leave chemicals behind them, that may cause allergic reactions such as rashes and breathing problems.

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A 68-year-old homeless woman from East Sussex was put in a hotel room she described as "squalid, filthy and damp", infested with #bedbugs and #cockroaches, and the toilet was "caked in faeces".
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