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Having a Bed Bug Policy in Your Apt. Under the New CT Law

We discuss the advantages of having an effective bed bug policy in the apartments you manage and what the recently passed Connecticut (HB 5335) Tenant-Landlord Bed Bug Treatment Legislation means for what’s expected from both landlords and tenants.

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How to Manage Bed Bugs in Your Independent Living Facility

Because we know how tough it could be for independent facility managers to prevent and manage bed bugs we put together these helpful guidelines in accordance with IPM guidelines from our team of bed bug experts:

We also discuss the importance of proactive bed bug prevention in independent living homes and offer some tips for creating a pest-free environment for your more 'senior' residents.

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Landlord Tips for Communicating with Residents About Bed Bugs

If you manage or own a property it's essential to communicate and educate with your residents about bed bugs. They should be aware of any protocols in place and what to be on the look out for. We discuss these among other recommendations for properly informing residents about the importance of bed bug detection and how to achieve a pest-free facility.

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The Importance of Educating Residents About Preventing Bed Bugs

For landlords that manage multi-unit buildings educating residents about proper bed bug prevention is paramount. We put together these professional tips to help you educate tenants about the risks of infestations and make sure your property is pest-free.

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Landlord's Bed Bug Detection Building Checklist

A professional guide and checklist for landlords and property owners to aid in the prevention, detection, and removal of bed bug infestations. Being proactive when it comes to looking for bed bugs is essential to putting a stop to the problem before they spread to other residents and become a much larger issue.

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Bed Bug Detection Checklist for Landlords and Building Owners

Early detection is essential for property owners and landlords with buildings at risk of bed bugs. Being proactive can not only save you money in the long run but can help you prevent infestations from spreading to other apartments. Check out our checklist and helpful guide to help with the prevention, early detection and removal of bed bugs in your facility.

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How NYC Bed Bugs Changed the Way the World Looks at Infestations

Recent studies done on the NYC Subway system has changed the way we all look at bed bug infestations. We take a look at what they uncovered and what this discovery could mean for anyone dealing with bed bugs. We also offer our tips for avoiding bed bugs on the subway and protecting your home.

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The Evolution of the NYC Bed Bug and How to Avoid these Pests on the Subway

The recent discoveries made from the studies done on the NYC subway system have forever changed the way we look at and treat bed bugs. We take a deeper look into what was uncovered, how it impacts all of us and some great tips for avoiding bringing bed bugs on the NYC transit home with you.

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Why Should You Look for a Bed Bug Dog that is Certified?

Looking for a bed bug dog's certification can be essential for the getting the effective and accurate results you are looking for. By using a certified bed bug dog you know that their skill are continuously being sharpened everyday and they have been trained to find live bed bugs no matter where they are hiding.

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What Makes for a Great Bed Bug Dog?
- Comprehending and Communicating with Canines that Detect Bed Bugs

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