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Man arrested after he went to work to "talk about Diablo III and his plan to kill people"

Earlier this week in Poland, a 30 year-old computer company employee arrived at work wanting to do two things: talk about Diablo III and his plan to kill people.
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Diablo 3 is expressly forbidden in the employee manual. He should have known better.
Yup violent video games make people kill people.........just like guns kill people......... ;p
I'm just impressed that the doctors have gone out on a limb and said that they think his actions are the result of a personality disorder. That's some fine deductive reasoning there, doc.
I'm pretty sure that is not a normal reaction to playing that game. Especially because it has Whimsyshire as one of the levels. That level is beautiful. 
Don't you just love violent non sequiturs?
Makes sense... after the 15th "3007 error" and achievement unlock (Lose ALL the things! - 1050GP) things tend to get a little over the top
One of the comments on the linked article gave me a chuckle. "Frightened, one of the man's colleagues escaped through the window. Reading about this person's heroism has brightened my Friday."
I occasionally pretend I'm a Monk and pull out some kung fu moves on my co-workers.
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