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Lots of people hate doing business plans. So I've been compiling alternatives, inspired by friends who think about planning differently. 
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Plan? What, there is a plan? OMG! 

In the book Rework , Jason Fried ( 37Signals, fun book to read) says "Unless you're a fortune-teller, long-term business planning is a fantasy" and "Why don't we just call plans what they really are: guesses." 

I subscribe to the lite planning / guessing model that focuses on a few items of need, create some guding pictures (or a map), and review this every few months (a must). 

I used to work at a large company (+40,000 employees) where (for example) the year 2012 planning would begin in ~Sept of 2011 and not really conclude until Mar of 2012 (and even then...;). This was discouraging and annoying: discouraging because we spent sooooo long planning that things moved slowly. Annoying because sometimes the planning might actually take longer than the actual thing being planned.

Thanks +Becky McCray for the resources:)
Reviewing every few months is probably the most valuable thing we can do, besides the planning process itself. 
Very helpful post, +Becky McCray. And a small aside - whenever I open up Google+, your posts always seem to be at the top. You're doing something right (again).
Your posts are always at the top for me, too, so Google must know we're friends. :) 
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