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Happy Paczki Day! Yes, it's a post from last year but I kinda like it.

"The most remarkable moments of our lives come unexpected. And they’re even better if they include powdered sugar on your face and custard dripping down your chin."
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Good article :).
Why were you angry about being back in Detroit?
Hi Elizabeth,
Good question! The first time I moved back to Detroit in 1999 wasn't really my choice. I left a career I loved and many friends in Chicago to come home to Detroit where I didn't know anyone. It was supposed to be short term but one thing led to another....
But... the second time I moved back, in late 2008 was my choice and I couldn't be happier!
Oh, I see. Why did you have to come back in 1999?
I miss Chicago, I lived there w/ my family from 1992-96 :) great city.
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