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#BlueLink  is excited to inform our Canadian customers that there have been significant changes made to MB of Canada's Theft Related Parts (TRP) policy.

Earlier this week, John Norris of #CIIA Canada (their equivalent to #NASTAF here in the states) informed us that they have reached an agreement with #MBofCanada regarding TRPs.

Just like in the United States, a member of the #VehicleSecurityRegistry can purchase all parts with the only exception being the actual keys. This means you can now get parts needed for the engine management, EIS, 722.9 transmissions, or anything else “theft related."

We've compiled a few website links to help you out and bring you more business!

The new public website is, and the application site is If the accredited VSP technician is a member of the site, then MB of Canada will ship, assuming the account status is valid.

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#BlueLink receives, packs and ships wholesale orders for parts the same day they come in! Give us a call to inquire about wholesale pricing options.
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At 2PM today at the NASTF meeting, MBUSA is scheduled to present their revised TRP policy.

BlueLink Diagnostic Solutions has several re-manufactured ME9.7s and 2.8s in stock, ready to ship to your shop for half the dealership cost! Call (919) 381-2700 and have a part number handy to see if we can help you out!


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BlueLink uses years of research and development coupled with the highest quality materials available to rebuild thousands of MB electronics and parts.

No one does it better and more efficiently!

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Our friends over at Sun Valley Mercedes Transmissions in California have a great link to some classic MB pictures on their website.

They come from the museum in Fellbach, Germany.

#BlueLink hopes you have a safe and happy holiday season. Don't drink and drive and remember to buckle up!

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A new benchmark in heavy haulage: the Mercedes-Benz Actros SLT was put through its final endurance test just before its world premiere.

See how this heavy haulage vehicle mastered the challenge:

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Have a broken #ClimateControlPanel? #BlueLink can repair hundreds of models and even keeps a large stock of re-manufactured ones.
Give us a call for more part numbers and pricing today!

Do you have a module on the #CANBus system that keeps waking up and draining the battery? @BlueLinkDiag has a #CANAnalyzer that can help!

Our CAN Analyzer system connects directly into the CAN Bus system and acts as a normal module in the car. When another module awakens, the module's location is reported back to our CAN Analyzer, and alerts you. It can save you thousands of dollars in diagnostic time.

Give BlueLink a call today or visit our website for more information.
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