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Car MOT exemptions sparks safety concerns

Safety concerns have been raised as the Dept of Transport announces more cars are to be MOT exempt.

The Government is to proceed with plans to exempt vehicles constructed, or first registered, more than 40 years ago from MOT testing - despite opposition to the idea over safety concerns.

Under the new measure, an estimated additional 293,000 vehicles (1% of the total fleet) will not require an annual MOT, taking the total to approaching half a million vehicles.

What do you think? Should all vehicles be required to pass an MOT?

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Insurers to blame for record motor insurance costs, not compensation awards

Insurers have earned £billions from reforms to personal injury legislation, to the cost of genuinely injured victims, but they have failed to pass those savings on to motorists as promised.

Further reforms are due to come into force next year which will drastically reduce compensation payments for genuine injuries and severely restrict access to justice for the innocent victims of negligent drivers. The insurance industry has again promised to pass on the savings to policyholders.

What do you think? Will the insurers pass on savings to customers or, as it has done in the past, will it take the money as a windfall and simply continue to pass huge profits for shareholders?

h/t +Laird Assessors

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Cyclist Jailed For 18 months Over Death of Pedestrian

Should 'dangerous driving' laws be extended to cyclists?

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A & E Doctors Urge Cyclists to Wear Helmets

Cyclists are often involved in accidents involving vehicles and in many such accidents the cyclist suffers, often serious, injury.

In an effort to raise awareness about the importance of wearing suitable protective head-gear, doctors at a North East Hospital are urging all cyclists to wear helmets after witnessing first hand the head and face injuries that can occur in bike collisions.

Are you a cyclist? Do you wear a helmet?

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Are you breaking the law when you travel with your dog?

48% of UK dog owners could be breaking the law. An unsecured dog in the car might also give your insurers an excuse to void your policy in the event of an accident.

Dog rescue charity, The Dogs Trust, is therefore urging drivers to be safe and to
follow 'The Houndway Code'

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Tyre Tread Depth Test

Driving on tyres with insufficient tread can increase the risk of road accidents. You also risk a fine of up to £2500 and 3 penalty points for each illegal tyre.

When did you last check your tyres? Take the 20p test to ensure that your tyres are about the minimum legal limit.


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Is it safe to use public Wi-Fi?

Do you use public wi-fi to access online banking, emails or social media accounts?

Read on to learn how this could put you at risk of attack from cyber criminals who want to steal your personal information.


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Can Drivers & Pedestrians Use 'Shared Spaces' Safely?

Or are they simply an accident waiting to happen?

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Should Doctors Report Unfit Drivers to DVLA?

GPs can report patients, considered unfit to drive, to DVLA without telling the patient.

Should GPs be required to report unfit drivers?

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New Speeding Fines Based On Income

New speeding fines will mean that higher earners will pay higher fines.

What do you think?
Is it unfair for some people to pay more than others for the same offence? Or is it a good deterrent?
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