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Beck Chao (小貝殼)
Sing a lalalalalalala~ life is beautiful~
Sing a lalalalalalala~ life is beautiful~

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+Matteo Villa 
Would you please add Chinese to the project on Crowdin?
I like Fenix and want to help translate and spread it.

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+NIA Ops

So agent LuoboTiX is at it again.

He regularly steps over the mark by publishing players he suspects of cheating on his website:

But you +NIA Ops have done nothing but send out a stock reply, "if you feel unsafe, please contact local law enforcement, Yada Yada Yada..."

However now he has also devolved to personal threats and intimidation in the comms. Please see the screenshot and following translation.

@GuoHeChaiQiao @ConnectionRESET 告诉你,我会找出来你住大华哪里,让你体验一下绝望,这次是游戏外的

"I tell you what, I will find the exact place you live and make you know what desperation is, and this time it is out of the game."

Now let us refer to community guidelines.

Under respect the community:

"Harassment: Never do anything that would be perceived as harassment, stalking, intimidation or inciting others to do the same (see the Terms of Service). Violations can result in the loss of your account."

So then under terms of service:

Players must not:
a) defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights (including the rights of privacy and publicity) of others;
(b) upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any unlawful, inappropriate, defamatory or obscene content or message;

And let's not forget

g) promote physical harm or injury against any group or individual; or

LuoboTiX is clearly in breach of community guidelines and TOS for not only posting personal details of several agents to his websites but also for threats of violence and intimidation in comms.

+NIA Ops You no longer have the loophole to jump through that he posted outside of Google/Niantic channels, his threats are clearly posted in comms.

This is a pattern of repeat behaviour, many players have quit because of this poisonous character. He is the owner of the local RES G+ community and as such an example to other RES players.

It is you, who should set a good example lest other new impressionable players follow his example.

Do the right thing, ban him! 

Why can't we input our reply directly under a tweet? I didn't expect a popup in this occasion.

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In the immensive mode, status bar and top bar seems to have a seperate animation.
It feels quite odd, at least for me... 

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running the beta version now, feeling just awesome
But it would be better if I can switch account when composing.
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