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I'm on my third M8 due to constant issues with it. First one lasted three days before the screen went black & it overheated until the battery drained. Second one had random restarts & error messages, between 6 & 12 times a day. Sometimes it would come straight back on, other times it would be off for a while...
Third one also has random restarts but with added bonus of occasionally crashing when I try to make a call! When I go to press call it returns to the previous screen, then auto calls again resulting in 14 calls that don't connect in less than a minute. And it's totally unresponsive so I can't stop it! The same thing happened when I tried to hang up on a call....
It's an unlocked handset, on a Vodafone UK, and I've done factory resets, am using the stock settings, haven't installed any apps at all so am just using what it comes with. Essentially I have a phone that I can't really use any of the features!
Any ideas?! 

Second M8 delivered today - first one got sent back three days after release as it went completely unresponsive and overheated until it drained the battery.
Hoping this one has no issues! 

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Yeah. that's working well. Neither HTC US nor UK streams are working and yours isn't either....

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The most epic birthday/Christmas care package ever. All the way from California to Oxford, UK! 

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Ho Ho Ho 
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I finally got Kitkat on both N4 and N7.


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