We're taking pride here at the Dog in the greater turnout for LSC elections throughout Ravenswood. But a side show started at Amundsen when robo calls were directed at a long serving member of the LSC.
The calls content was played on a major media outlet. The content was vicious and nasty and anonymous.
For our part, the Dog received an anonymous letter with the same allegations as the call.
We heard from people as the calls went back to frequent voters several times.
We were faced with a last minute call, a dirty trick, that was happening within hours of the election.
We didn't want to error by calling attention to the calls. We didn't want to reward the person behind the calls.
We talked to the LSC member two days and then a day before the election.
We had, we told the LSC member, had to make this call before. We decided not to write a story about the robo calls.
As people know, there is a competitor in the neighborhood. They decided to treat the calls as news.
We do not know if we were right in our call to ignore the story. That is a decision for the reading public.

This week we were faced with another issue of anonymous letters that contained content that was defamatory. In general, you can make defamatory statements provided first that they are true and second that publishing them is in the public interest.
Courts make the determination on those two issues.
The victim of the anonymous letters in the second case was Garrett FitzGerald. Last week FitzGerald filed suit. He believes former aldermanic candidate Tom O'Donnell is one of several people behind the anonymous letters aimed at him.
That much is public knowledge. Actually the entire suit is public knowledge.
Should we list each of the charges of FitzGerald against O'Donnell? Those charges would have us repeat the allegations FitzGerald says are false.
We decided not to put the story into the top rotor. It is buried in our column two.
Again, an editorial decision and we are faced with the unknowable question of did we do the right thing?

We are guided in our thinking by a mission statement and a code of ethics. We don't mean to sound superior, but these two elements are missing from other web sites. The code of ethics guides us here.

It uses three words to sum up their theme: Do No Harm.
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