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All Pavement to Untie Atlanta Traffic No Rail, a few new Busses & Sidewalks. Make you wonder what the rest of Georgia will end up with?

If you vote for the Transportation Sales Tax increase, you are being taken for a ride by the Metro Atlanta political machine.

4 Key Talking Points in Support of #TSPLOST are debunked in this AJC article. 
The proposed transportation bill "could be the largest tax increase in Georgia history."

Vote NO!  If you vote for #TSPLOST you're being taken for a ride by the State &Metro Politico machine. Read why-

Use this link ( ) to find a link to the official site of all the donors & supporters of the lobbying & PR interests trying to get you to vote FOR the TSPLOST.  Read it and be wary of all the paving contractors, engineering firms, and rail contractors (Bombardier France gave $50k) and related companies on the list. Cox/WSB gave $250,000 just for instance.

Then ask yourself why Untie Atlanta has raised $7m+ in contributions from the usual suspects in the Metro Politico Machine, and why they want or even need to buy your vote. Their own site provides on the most sensational commentary and blurbs. The only useful thing they do provide is the Interactive Map.

Next, read the Metro Atlanta Final Project List: (Keyword Search it for easy viewing. )

At the GOP HQ in Sandy Springs, the Atlanta Regional Commission debate team members admitted publicly that traffic will not be mitigated by the current project lists, but that this will improve the chances of your children getting a good job in Atlanta in 10-20 years. Improving our State's rank of 50th worst in 50 states for government corruption and 48th worst in Education will garner a lot more jobs in Georgia for our children than new Commuter lanes on I575 or a light rail link to the CDC/Emory.
Furthermore, ARC members also admitted that in 10 years we will have to vote to renew the Sales Tax since we will still have to fund ongoing projects that began in the previous 2 yrs, and to pay for ongoing operational expenses of the new services in place.  I have a recording of the debate if anyone wants a copy. It is a large file (1.75 hours)

Here are some highlights to consider. Emory/CDC are getting their very own MARTA rail connection for $700m. The line DOES NOT GO all the way to the VA which is only .5 miles down the same track right of way. So much for the Veterans, right? Emory & CDC are not chipping in one dime towards the cost of the line. Citizens paying Sales Tax will foot the bill. How is that equitable?  We need to contribute more support to an insitution that one of the most expensive Universities in the US? Or to the CDC that already receives massive Federal Funding? If these organizations are direct beneficiaries, they should share the cost.

MARTA repairs were supposed to have been restricted, but that was apparently removed.  "Representative Ed Setzler introduced H.B. 938 to authorize neighboring counties to form a transportation district and opt-out of proposed projects that weren’t to their liking. His bill, also, required a project/cost list to be approved or rejected by counties before they signed a transportation district agreement and MARTA would not receive T-SPLOST funds. His bill died." Reference

All the while, An @UntieAtlanta Mailer touts as a "Pro" that TSPLOST will allocate $600M MARTA repairs! The actual numbers in the Metro ATL Final Project list total nearly $800million. View Mailer here:  The MARTA Repair related itemsn. A nice sample of how the money will be spent relates to a plan to spend $37 million on new Wayfinder Signs for passengers in the stations. $37M?! They must be some very fancy signs.

Another reference to "Transit" involves TIA-035.  This is Commuter Lanes and some very expensive buses. The TIA-035 Project, also in the Final Project List,  spends $700m on "Transit" between Cobb/Cherokee Counties to Arts Center Station, mostly to Buses to Cobb and Commuter Lanes to North Cobb and Cherokee. The Final Project List only lists the Title Name of TIA-035. I researched and found the actual project detail:
TIA-CO-035: "This project will implement enhanced premium transit service along the Northwest Corridor between Acworth/Kennesaw/Town Center and the MARTA Arts Center Station, including express commuter service in northern Cobb County and Cherokee County. Premium transit service benefits residents of the Region by improving access between CCT and MARTA, and alleviating traffic congestion on major corridors. Contingent upon additional funding, this project may also provide a fixed guideway rail service along a route generally parallel to I-75/US 41. Specific details will be further determined in an Alternatives Analysis Study, which is currently underway. The total cost of the project is $695,000,000, of which $689,000,000 will be funded under TIA and the remaining $6,000,000 covered by local funds."

Also.. 1% Sales Tax is a LARGE tax hike.  1% sales tax over 7% is a 14.3% TAX INCREASE. 8/7=1.1428.. easy math.

Sales Taxes are regressive and disproportionately affect lower income tax payers. During a protracted and unprecedented recession, want to keep lower income people in the lower income bracket? Raise funds with a sales tax. Brilliant.

As for Untying Atlanta, this is an Economic Development Package not unlike the one launched by the Federal Government in 2008, only we pay for it with Sales Taxes, letting lot's of other interests off the hook, in particular businesses, since most businesses are exempt from paying Sales Tax on purchases from their Vendors. Want more support for this claim?  "David Stockert, CEO of Post Properties and chairman of Citizens for Transportation Mobility (Maven/Untie Atlanta) says, “They’ve been decimated along with the rest of the construction business in this region with the financial downturn. They’d like to put people back to work.”

Rev Joseph Lowery, Ceasar Mitchell, Kasim, Reed, and Fulton Commish John Eves all RoboCalled me today wanting my Yes vote.

And if all of this does not already alert you to the point of your hair standing on end.. Imagine this scenario:
Bloomberg: NAACP Joins Tea Party to Oppose TSPLOST Sales Tax Hike

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The truth about how long #TSPLOST will tax us @ajc

#TSPLOST list would commit us to $60 million to $85 million a year in perpetual transit-operations costs.