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Yarn bombing of a different kind

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Wonder Woman - the yarn

I had recently posted about a Wonder Woman shawl pattern - and that I will have to knit two of them: one for my daughter, one for me.

In the discussion following the first share +Tessa Neill brought up the idea, of using yarn that looks "battle worn" - not pristine red and yellow, but something that was a little dirty and stained. I thought that a wonderful idea and kept looking. But of course I couldn't find anything that fit my idea ... that's sometimes the problems with ideas. I have a friend, who dyes yarn at home, I was already thinking about talking with her.

But then the supermarket I usually shop at, had so-called "party pans" on sale. They are a bit like electric canning pots, but with much less height and a lot of power to them. I bought this one which can hold up to 8 l. This size very comfortably fits 200 g of yarn, if you layer them 400 g shouldn't be a problem either.

For most of my dyeing that's plenty enough and it was much cheaper and takes much, much less space to store it. Bonus points all around.

Next came the decision, which colors to use. I'm lousy at mixing my own colors from the basic ones. I know color theory, I know, that theoretically with red, blue, yellow and black I theoretically should be able to get each possible color in each possible shade. I just don't have the imagination to understand what I need to add, if I want to get a certain shift of an already there tone. This means: if I want to reach something specific, I will have to buy that color.

Searching around I found the Landscape Elements color palette which has some rich, earthy tones that just suited my needs. I used Red Ochre and Sugar Cane as the base colors and added the accents with Wombat (a dark brown), Pilbara (a dark lead grey) and lichen (a light olive tone). On the left yellow skein the dark stains got a bit heavy, but ... it is what it is. Overall I'm quite pleased with the results, no all the yarn has to do is dry.

One side note to the Landscape colors - you need more from them, than I'm used from other acid dyes. From Dharma and Ashford I'm used to 10 g for 1 kg of fiber - these need 100 g for the same amount of yarn, that's 10 times the amount. Which makes them a bit of a luxury, at least when they are imported from Australia to Germany. But I don't regret buying them. The result is just what I had envisioned.

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Religion muss man tolerieren?

Nein, DAS darf man nicht tolerieren. Religion ist nicht harmlos, wenn sie dazu aufruft, Kleinkinder und Säuglinge (!) mit Prügelstrafe (!) zu erziehen. Nächstenliebe? Meine Fresse ...

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Advanced techniques anyone

I've done two colour brioche, I've done cabled brioche.

But never so far both at once. Wow.

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A husky in its natural habitat ...

via +Jennifer Freeman

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For the Goth in your life...

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That's dedication
I just finished the blanket for the first out of four grandchildren.

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Want it!
This must be the droid i'm looking for !
Animated Photo

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Interesting pattern stitch

Looks a bit like brioche, but is probably a bit less bulky. Nice feature - looks the same on both sides, so a good stitch for a shawl or a shawl collar.
Cartridge Belt Rib stitch - No purl rib pattern. Same on both sides!
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