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For every new G+ follower I net till the end of May, I will donate $1 to charity.

Click the link for additional ways to get me to donate money:

I donate money for your actions This is the fourth year I have done this. I will donate MY money (up to $1000) when people do different things including following me on G+, Blogging about the challenge, cartoonists including me in their regular strip, adding me to your blog roll, etc.

Plus anyone that donates money in honor of Bearman Cartoons to, I will match that donation up to $500.

I don't usually ask people to share my posts, but this one will help spread the word on some great causes I am supporting including:

Cincinnati FreeStore Foodbank:
+Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati
and of course
Crayons to Computers:

Challenge will run till the end of May. Thanks for all your engagement and support.
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shared! Good luck with your endeavor. :)
+Bearman Cartoons got lucky. When I implored +Sarah Hill and others to share my drive for the American Red Cross, I got nothing!

oh wel....
+Dan Soto yikes! I must have missed your post. Can you resend? My apologies.. I get several hundred notifications a day and in my haste to get through them all sometimes I miss important ones....'s all good. I got the same excuse from everyone People see what they want to see.
My pocket is at intensive care but I will share it. And to Dan Soto, Yes! Bearman is cuter even with his green hair! ...
Thanks +Jose M. Estrada That is the point. I have been lucky in this economy to have both myself and my wife gainfully employed. This is my way to give back and to allow others who may not have the means to be a part of that giving back.
+Dan Soto As usual your arrogance precedes you like a bad wind comes before a twister. You judge people based upon YOUR egocentristic vision of he world as if you were the one and only.

Fortunately there are people like +Sarah Hill who really care about others and they are out there to help. You seem always to look for the best way to engage into quarrels and "virtual fights" as if your frustrations cannot be hidden behind a pretty profile.. in other words mr are a "rompicoglionazzi" and the least I see of you the happier I am...
+pio dal cin -
The is a huge difference between your perception of ego and what I perceive as an unpalatable reality. The reality is; I have supported the core g+'ers that we all started with on day one here however, when I ask for support, on NUMEROUS occasions, I've received the same excuse "oh, I didn't see your message/notification/etc". Sure, I can understand that notifications can be inundating now as we accrue thousands of new followers however, if you can't handle them don't enable them. In addition, I have a circle of the core g+'er that started at the same time as I. I make it a point to frequently visit that circle to see what's going on with them. In essence, I'm one that tries to not miss anything that's directed to me. I've taken on the responsibility of accepting notifications, therefore the onus is on me.

My point was not so much about +Sarah Hill. I have the same opinion of her as you and the millions of others here and in her market do as well. Sarah knows this as she's received messages from me before with help / advice / etc.

Secondly, would you consider your attempt to derail one of my popular posts about bacon as a "virtual fight" as well? Yeah, you've tried your hand at starting virtual fights and failed (

The bottom line is this. I've shared countless posts relating to charity, missing children and other (valid) please for help however, the few times I've created such post, the core g+ers don't seem to reciprocate the favor. That's a true fact.

Anyway, I'm done with this convo so we don't dilute the integrity of +Bearman Cartoons 's noble cause.
Ok neither to time or place. Any additional comments that are not related to the topic of this post or are digs at others will be deleted.

+pio dal cin and +Dan Soto I respect both of you tremendously for all the support you have given me and my work. More importantly, I respect how I have seen both of you lift up others on G+ and your jumping on the bandwagon of many causes. That is why you were two of the people I thought of initially to share this post. I graciously thank you for sharing it with your stream.
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