So you want to get MUGGED?

Thanks to this incredible animation of some of my muggings by +Dunken K Bliths (follow him please), I figure it is time to answer some burning questions.

Typically after I post a random caricature I get questions as to how much it costs to get caricature/mugging from a profile pic done

NOTHING Just ask to get on the list....however,

1. How often I do them is work/free time dependent, so there are no guarantees as to when/if I will ever get to you.
2. The more you engage with me and share my posts on G+ and my blog, the more I tend to favor you for a mugging (whether or not you ever asked)
3. If you get mugged and want to give me something in return (completely NOT necessary though several have been very gracious) you can either:

a. Donate to one of my favorite charities Crayons 2 Computers which helps makes sure teachers and students have the necessary supplies for school. You can donate any amount at in honor of Bearman Cartoons.
b. Buy something at my cafepress site 

If you want to guarantee a spot in line, you can commission a caricature by sending me a request. Price will vary depending on complexity needed. +Donna Brown was the first to step up for a commissioned work.

In the mugging below are: +Baptiste Laurenge, +Brandi Bull, +George Rodenbaugh , +Jayson Jessop, +Jose M. Estrada, +Keith Fisher , +Maryanne S, +O'Neil Godfrey, +Ryan Estrada and +Steve Humphrey
Time for some +Bearman Cartoons caricature morphs...

More of my creations at +Dunken K Bliths
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