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So you want to get MUGGED?

Thanks to this incredible animation of some of my muggings by +Dunken K Bliths (follow him please), I figure it is time to answer some burning questions.

Typically after I post a random caricature I get questions as to how much it costs to get caricature/mugging from a profile pic done

NOTHING Just ask to get on the list....however,

1. How often I do them is work/free time dependent, so there are no guarantees as to when/if I will ever get to you.
2. The more you engage with me and share my posts on G+ and my blog, the more I tend to favor you for a mugging (whether or not you ever asked)
3. If you get mugged and want to give me something in return (completely NOT necessary though several have been very gracious) you can either:

a. Donate to one of my favorite charities Crayons 2 Computers which helps makes sure teachers and students have the necessary supplies for school. You can donate any amount at in honor of Bearman Cartoons.
b. Buy something at my cafepress site 

If you want to guarantee a spot in line, you can commission a caricature by sending me a request. Price will vary depending on complexity needed. +Donna Brown was the first to step up for a commissioned work.

In the mugging below are: +Baptiste Laurenge, +Brandi Bull, +George Rodenbaugh , +Jayson Jessop, +Jose M. Estrada, +Keith Fisher , +Maryanne S, +O'Neil Godfrey, +Ryan Estrada and +Steve Humphrey
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I was curious what you would do with mine actually haha, no pressure however :P
Happy to add you to the potentials list Jake! Thanks
Donna Brown? What about us, dude? :-) We've still not heard what you want for our project.
I've been itching to ask to be mugged since I circled you but did'nt want to ask lol
You already have my plea in a previous thread. However, I will seriously consider your charity..........Does the fact that we are neighbors help at all?.....LOL
Please add me to the list. I think I fit the bill... I have an ugly mug! HAHAHAHA.
I'd love to get on the list - thanks!
Please put me on the list! (Thought I'd ask before this string of comments got to be a thousand long.—your muggings are good.)
Thanks +Rogers George I am sure you have been told this before by you have a last name for a first name and a first name for a last name..haha
Yes, I have. And a lot of people tell me that I must have my name wrong. As a matter of fact, they're both last names, and I know two other people with the exact same name!
And can I say +Bearman Cartoons what an amazing piece it is? My husband loves it and gets great comments about it. Absolutely fantastic!
Donna and David thanks so much. Glad I could help with the photo phobia though you have nothing to hide
Hi +Bearman Cartoons dude! I just saw the work you did on +J.C. Kendall and that was cool. First I'm circlin' ya. Looks like you put up some cool stuff.

Then I'm shamelessly asking to be mugged even though I don't have up a photo. A lot of people say I look just like, EXACTLY like a hansome devil in Chicago, +Byron C Rivers.Here's a link to me, though. I'm first, fifth and twelfth. Interestingly enough, I'm also seventh and eighth, but not exactly. Peculiar request, yes. But MEMORABLE, right? indeed.,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=5e0e1e777681679f&biw=1154&bih=636
Education was very important to my dad and it was a charity he loved and supported. So I try to carry it on.
Can I have my name on the list +Bearman Cartoons +Tim Jones can pay for mine.. laughing. wait til he sees this.. joking aside I'd love to have the pictures.. thank you
Steve and Kathy added. Kathy do I get to do the Rudolph nose?
Sorry +Bearman Cartoons I fixed the name, sometimes I'm typing so fast and I don't use the mouse (rarely) I hit enter and get the wrong name if I tab too many times.. but I LOVE YOU xoxoxo
You mugged my mentor beautifully! I'd love to get on the list. Please add me if possible. Thanks.
Thanks for your response and adding me to the list. My mentor is Dan Simons. Loved what you did.
Best of luck. I can see this as a good social media marketing exercise whether theat was the intention or not.
Well, Hell - if all I have to do is ask, then I shall do so.... May I please be added to you list of potentials, +Bearman Cartoons? (For some strange reasons, I feel like I am going to run across a bald child warping a spoon now, but I sort of dig that idea!)
D'oh! I was afraid that was too vague... In the Matrix, when Neo goes to see the Oracle, her apartment was full of other potentials for being "The One".... The term made me think of that scene... :-D
This is awesome! I want to be on the list!
Would love to be on the list, these look great!
I've never wanted to be Mugged so badly.
Please add me to the list as well .. Thanks :)
Oooo can I be on the list?
Very cool stuff indeed!! My drawing capacity is limited to stick figures :)
Very Cool! I would like to be placed on the list, when you have time of course...
These are just purely awesomesauce! Wish I could draw like that :) Keep up the good work!
Can i get on the Wish list (Bearman).your name alone get my + and following ,Have meany pic in profile..Surprise Me..TY Shawn Caldwell
Right on!! bear"s and ART I always Support....
Happy to donate to your school effort mate in your honour as i also support a similar foundation here in Oz! Great work you get up to there too, wicked annie's!!
I would love to be added to the list!
Your work is amazing, Would love to be on the list, I am a friend of Tim Jones, Will share your work with all my contacts, See my website I am a Artist/Sculptor see something on the site you want let me know.
Thats funny, Hopefully thats a Plus, As in Google plus that I am learning.and Tim talked me to give a try. LOL I am aspiring to be Tim Jones !!!!
Hmmm, I suppose that being caricatured can only improve my looks, so if the mood strikes you, have at it. :)
Oh Bearman I'm going to throw my hat in the ring. It could happen! Going to check out Dunkin's page now. Thanks for the opportunity to even make a request smile
Bearman, I bow to greatness (smile) and offer my thanks for putting me in the hat. Should probably curtsy though. Looks better in a skirt.
Just hope you are still smiling AFTER it is done.
Be careful for what you ask for but still +Bearman Cartoons now that we are in the same circle please put me on the list!
Wonderful work. I am not sure how I started following you but I am glad I did. Please add me to your list.
Mug me up, when you get a chance... thxs
Only if you promise not to use this profile picture!!
OK, out of abundance of caution, I changed it!
+Bearman Cartoons I would be delighted to be added to your list, should you have time to 'do me the honour of mugging me' (not a phrase I thought I'd ever say...) I appreciate your consideration in this matter at your convenience. Kind regards Mike
Wow, this is quite a list! Please add me too!
I can't believe I missed this until now! Your muggings are great. Add me to your list too, please! :)
Can I go on the list too please?
I'd love to get on the list. Please add me if possible. Thank you
What a fantastic offer. Would you consider me for a mugging - thanks.
Patiently, graciously, waiting in line... 
Thank you!
Berman Cartoons... that was über nice; the +1, I mean. I appreciate it. Thank you!
Nice work, I saw a U.S. Marine Vet, buddy of mine, and wanted one do.. lol
I want to be on the list please!!!!
But not w/my Santa picture - cause that would look redunkulous!! :P
( I ♥ +Carlo Powe-Crawford's pic )
+Jo Anne Thomas I didn't get mugged and not know it... did I?

I don't think I did. I mean, how could that happen without me knowing about it? Nah... that didn't happen... I don't think...
Hey Bearman, if you have the opportunity, I wouldn't mind getting mugged. I've been using the same pic since 2009, so I think I'm due for a change.
Hmm... well, i would enjoy being mugged by a three legged stripper, but you will do ;)
I was added to said list at some point last year, am I still on there somewhere?
I really like the MUGGING of +Ali Adelstein - if time permits, maybe you can do a MUGGING of me as well - donation guaranteed :-)
+Bearman Cartoons I'm curious. Do you go by the profile picture that's in place at the time you decide to do a persons mugging, or do you ask them to send you a photo of their choice or how does it work?

I'd love to be added to the list and I can guarantee you that will be a donation as I'm about to donate here in just a few minutes.

UPDATE I have made a donation and there will be another one if I ever get mugged LOL That sounds so strange. :)
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