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Thank you +WordPress for screwing up a perfectly good commenting system.

First I tried commenting on some blogs I read that are hosted by wordpress and they state that since I have a account I have to sign in. Well I now self host so why would I want someone to click on my name in the comment and have it link to my old site and not

So I change the email associated with the old blog and now they give you an error that if you have a Gravatar account with that email you have to sign in as well.

C'mon. I have been singing the praises of Wordpress for years saying how user friendly it is to comment versus Blogger. Now it looks like if this stays I won't be commenting around as much on Wordpress blogs.

For more on this and Wordpress' so far lack of response see this thread:
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This is the reason why I end up using guest commenting on services where I do have an account. Or use Twitter/Facebook connections.
True but why should I give Twitter or FB the link back when I would prefer people link back to my blog?
Well. You have a point there. But in the end, getting more followers on your social accounts means regular followers to your website. RSS is becoming historic and web users now prefer to follow their favorite blogs/comics/sites through these social profiles. :|
I have the same problem when I comment. Had to add a banner on my secondary WP site to get folks to the main one. Eating some peanut butter with Ritz crackers usually soothes my frustration, though...
+Sushubh Mittal Not necessarily. Why set up a middle man. Besides my use of FB and Twitter has diminished. Now if they set it up for my G+ account...

+Dan Perez But then the phone rings and my mouth is too dry to answer it.
Talking about third party plugins, my vote goes to LiveFyre :P
yea yea. i am not sure what they are trying to do. you can now post from any powered page (editor drops down from the top navigation bar!). their website homepage works like your own dashboard. it's getting insane :D
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