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Shut that tweet. I have so many birds of different species singing better tweets. Friendly education of experience and knowledge of g+ many from universe of no greed. Show me all the thieves of stocks market on g+.! Politicians. And unreal people.
Be yourself.
Well now that I got your attention for a absurd post, go check out my cartoon I posted today that everyone didn't pay attention to haha
Twitter is down? Does this mean that I have to get a real life now?
Real life sucks.. it was drastic and it called for drastic measures like finishing the ironing.. god what is the internet coming to.. As google were announcing their Fiber 1TB internet, twitter was falling at the wayside.
Tweet your own self... ha. Lol.
Never liked Twitter, seems so lame.
munju s
I just luv g+....!
never had twitter....dis is all new to me.. But I'm startn to like G+...wud like to add more friends to my circle but dnt seem to no how.. :(
hypocritical post. Google chat was down earlier! :P
O wow... Ok... Never had google chat either... So yea... :/
Only be hypocritical if I made the comment in Google Chat.
GTalk is dead too. Anything can fall, if it is flying.
I'm liking it to... Just want to add friends an just have fun wit it... :)
I both have the two accounts. ^___^
Yup, there was nowhere else to go to complain about Twitter being down.
Dis is so freaky... Im gonna erase my g+...if I can figure out how..
Is there a way I can get a 30 day ban from Facebook lol, I hate it so much. I like #GooglePlus so much better. :)
So it appears this GooglePlus is all about advertising and running down everything else out there. Hmmm.
okay thinking bout deleting my account now and twitter is not down
Remember that time Google+ users were humble and didn't constantly try and justify their existence to everyone everywhere? yeah, Neither do I.
90% of the engagement with my social content still comes out FB, so I'm far from being a G+ fanboy ... 
Help... Dats all I need rite now... It's just to confusing cuz u really don't no who ur talkn wit an who IS talkn wit u... Idk ppl... Laters... :/
Hameed... How can I delete my g+..? I need ur help...plze... :(
An sorry if ur brains exploded... Didn't mean to... :-(
How did Google arrange for this to happen at the announcement of Google Fiber in KC!
Is der anyone out der dat can help me delete my g+..? Never had fb nor twitter, not even MySpace.. Ugh!! Idk why I sighn up for g+... Plze help... :-(
go to dashboard u can delete from there
it's not down... well it was this morning
am G+ Fan , but you know, it is not good to make an advertisement based on the others problems while we have the same ones!
Google talk being down today says don't be too soon to jump just yet.
and this is soppose to mean wat? ?.?
JP Lang
Good grief! I hope we haven't been waiting for all the twitterers.
+Amit Mohan Sharma, in your notifications drop-down box, click the notification for new comments in the post and at the very bottom of the box on the right hand side there is a link that says "Mute this post." That will keep you from getting any further notifications.
+Rolanda Morgan Delete your gmail account and all your Google accounts will disappear. Everything is tied to your Gmail account.
JPL I agree, who needs all that constant feed of mostly nothing, right?! 
We are sorry. Many of you came to Twitter earlier today expecting, well, Twitter. Instead, between around 8:20am and 9:00am PT, users around the world got zilch from us. By about 10:25am PT, people who came to Twitter finally got what they expected: Twitter. 

The cause of today’s outage came from within our data centers. Data centers are designed to be redundant: when one system fails (as everything does at one time or another), a parallel system takes over. What was noteworthy about today’s outage was the coincidental failure of two parallel systems at nearly the same time. 

I wish I could say that today’s outage could be explained by the Olympics or even a cascading bug. Instead, it was due to this infrastructural double-whammy. We are investing aggressively in our systems to avoid this situation in the future. 

On behalf of our infrastructure team, we apologize deeply for the interruption you had today. Now — back to making the service even better and more stable than ever.

- Mazen Rawashdeh, VP, Engineering
Ii don't tweet anyway. No biggie to me. Google is the best yet. Till this happens to them. Computer will all go down one day or the other. Back to letters. Were no knows IRS or other peoples buzz. Let it all go I say. 
But you could not invite your friends on google talk as it was down as well this morning
Great, i like + and i just joined twiitter yesterday so....
Twitter goes down and everyone flocks to G+... Imagine if Facebook were to go down... :p
Has G+ ever gone down? Just wondering ;-) 
Anonymous have probably took Twitter down cos its full of celebs and Beiber haters waffling on constantly about pointless drivel. If its down for too long then the Priory clinic will getting plenty of panic calls from 'lonely' celebs tha feel they have lost all communication with the planet.... lmao
Definitely better than Facebook. Just need to acclimate and G+ is so much fun.
G+ is so awesome once you come you wont go back to twitter...
it's sad that people are STILL on FB. hopefully they will realize that g+ is WAY better....soon
+Eddie Broglin , Hopefully they won't realize that, because we would have to deal with their crap then.
+Alan Ramos actually, Twitter is down or overloaded every week, whereas G+ population is gaining! lol
id much rather be on this .... really cant be bothered with seeing pictures of peoples dinner and toilets
No, please don't turn G+ into twitter. Some of the garbage getting posted is annoying enough without people constantly posting what they had for breakfast and when their last bowel movement was...
Thanks all for sharing, commenting, plussing.  Turning off comments because I am sure it has been discussed enough....and people are tired of notifications by now.

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