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Look no further for some procrastination inspiration.

#Supernatural  Cast “Shake It Off” in #TaylorSwift  Parody 

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From spiritual yogi and dentist to amateur sex coach and stripper, last night's premiere was nothing short of...awkward. 

What did you think of #TheBachelorette  premiere?

What TV show is your guilty pleasure? 

#guiltypleasure   #TV   #Entertainment  

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Birds chirping, children laughing, and that perpetual coat of sweat which only means that it's summer time again! 

In honor of all of the things we love about summer, we joined up with +AOL to create The Best Summer Jam Of All Time Bracket! Vote now to decide if the Spice Girls or Katy Perry, Destiny's Child or Rihanna, and more are the BEST summer jam of ALL TIME. 

#Music   #Summer   

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If you are like us, then you can’t get enough of #Netflix  new original series #Daredevil

The dark and realistic world of Hell’s Kitchen is perfectly captured by the show. There’s a reason we’ve written about Daredevil being the greatest #Marvel  adaptation ever. The highest compliment we could give Matt Murdock is that he is like a blind Bruce Wayne.

Take some time to procrastinate with us in the best way possible with our #Quiz  to find out what Matt Murdock you are. Let us know in the comments!

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Is #Disney   #tomorrowland  the must-see movie of the summer? Or is it #Avengers   #AgeofUltron  ? 

Vote in Beamly and +AOL's Summer Movie Showdown Bracket!

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With all the buzz around #FullHouse  lately, we wanted to give you a peek into what all of Michelle Tanner's friends look like today. 

#entertainment   #tv   #throwback  

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What #BruceJenner Family Has Said About His #Transition  

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If America Ferrera’s 31st birthday couldn't get any better, the cast of 'Ugly Betty' came together to help her celebrate. There was cake, pictures, and of course lots and lots of bitter sweet nostalgia. 

Take a look for yourself, and tell us what some of your favorite 'Ugly Betty' moments were. 

#TV   #entertainment   #UglyBetty  

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We're looking to you to decide the most memorable +Game of Thrones betrayal. The final round of the #GoTBetrayals  bracket is coming to a close, so cast your vote NOW.#GameofThrones  #HBO  
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