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Tell Congress: "This is NOT a Game" - Join #CivicBrigade  @ 
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Beacon Initiative Inc

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Hop over to Reddit and see what we have been up to!
Over the last month my cohorts at Beacon Initiative Inc and I have been intensely focused on our as yet unfunded project which aims to make Washington...
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Beacon Initiative Inc

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Great!  I'm looking forward to sharing this!
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Beacon Initiative Inc

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Now available in print!  Free to download as always...
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That's great!
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Have them in circles
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Beacon Initiative Inc

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We encourage you to stay in touch with Congress throughout the coming year!
Beacon Initiative, Inc. A Semantic Analysis Organization Focused on Exposing Hate and Manipulation. Our mission is to provide scientifically founded tools to expose manipulative and hateful speech and...
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Beacon Initiative Inc

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Pure Democracy has reached alpha test stage!

A democratic experiment, Pure Democracy enables you have a say in what effective government means.

You are presented with titles of speeches given on the floor of Congress, both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

For each title you are able to view the text of the speech anonymized to remove the names of Congressmen and women.

You are also empowered to "bill it" or "bin it", "bill it" meaning this is a good use of Congressional floor time and "bin it" meaning it is a waste.

The votes will then be tallied to generate report cards of both US Congress as a whole and individual representatives and senators.

Check it out and see what the US Congress is up to!
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Beacon Initiative Inc

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Great presentation and conversation starter!
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Beacon Initiative Inc

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yes it is very important.
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Creating Tools that Uncover Hateful and Manipulative Speech

With decades of combined experience, our advisory committee has come together with a shared goal to make the internet and the offline world safer and more tolerant to the natural human rights deserved and expected by all people.

Our research covers a vast amount of historical, technological, and socio-economic sources. This enables us to tackle the deeply related aspects of classroom bullying and the larger social conflicts at large in all societies.

The good news is that kids remember the empathy and respect for human rights they learn early on, and they can help others to become more aware and proactive in the classroom, on the playground, and in their future lives.

We're working diligently to include more of this fascinating and ground breaking research into readily- accessible educational and entertainment resources that allow parents, teachers, and students themselves to explore solutions to common social problems.

The Beacon Initiative is about alerting people to manipulative speech presented online so they can reclaim their power against oppression. It's about giving people the tools to decode speech.

Effective Tools to Flag Misleading Speech and Online Bullying

Manipulative speech is most effective on people who don't know the mechanics behind how misinformation can appear truthful or harmless.

Learning to spot deceptive tactics intended to covertly bully, harass into silence, subtly misinform or deceptively legitimize hateful speech is the best way to empower internet citizens to stand up for justice in real time, and to recognize misinformation when it appears.

Equipping, Educating and Empowering

The Beacon Initiative is committed to building real solutions to stand up for justice and empower targeted internet users to become aware of when and how they may be manipulated when they are unaware of the context behind the information they are presented.

Providing a rich interactive suite of tools, including educational games, augmented literacy applications, academic research, and interactive communities built around the concept of social justice, targeted individuals can become better equipped through our services to stay empowered and vigilant against hate speech spread online.

Everyone has the power to end hate speech and help end the spread of violent hate crimes where they start - in the mind.