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New carpets have gone down at Sea View and we are delighted with them. The bedroom furniture has been painted and looks amazing. We have also done some work in the garden with planting and tidying up.
But how important is this work?
After all will new guests notice and will previous guest like the changes?
To keep on top of the game i would say it was vital to keep upgrading your holiday house and make sure that repairs are carried out promptly and that you have regular refurbishments and check over all items to make sure that they are fresh and in good order.
This will ensure a warm welcome for your guests and an enjoyable holiday for them. Have great holidays at

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Should we pander to the whims of guests or do we stick to our own way of offering holiday accommodation and deal with the consequences?
It is obvious that tastes change, after all we are not wearing the clothe we wore in the 70's or even eating the same food or visiting the same holiday destinations so should holiday providers take that into account.
The short answer I suppose is yes. If you want to keep up with demand then your business has to adapt or it will be left behind.
However there is a counter argument to this. If you are offering a traditional experience then change is the last ting you want to do. Consistency is the name of the game here. So it is down to the provider to decide what it is they are selling and who is their market. Keep having great holidays at

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Portpatrick now has new lights strung like shining globes all around the harbour. It is truly so pretty at night. The village always looks so well cared for and clean with delightful flower boxes everywhere. It really feels like it is going to be an amazing summer season ahead of us at
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Weather here is Portpatrick is beautiful and the snowdrops look gorgeous. So this is obviously a good time to start spring cleaning and to take a look at what jobs need to be done before the start of the season. Looks like it is going to be a busy summer although we still have a few weeks available in April. Wishing everyone great holidays at

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Actually it is snowy here today but the sunshine is so nice that we thought we would revisit this beach that is next to Sea View, Portpatrick. Keep having lots of lovely holidays

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I emailed the company because of payment had been taken from my card instead of a gift card and six days later and I have still not had a response. So I tried to phone - 22 minutes on hold and still no reply. Money was taken from my account which left e with no money for food over the New Year and then I had to pay for the cost of the call and never got to speak to anyone and still it is not sorted. You were quick to take my money but not so quick to sort a problem

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Stranraer Oyster Festival is next month and there are lots of different events to keep locals and visitors alike entertained. A lot of them are free including kids events and cookery classes and demonstrations and on Friday there is a massive paella tasting.
It is wonderful to see such an exciting and new event coming to the area and hopefully it will bring a boost to local businesses.
Coming as it does in the calendar it extends the holiday season just that little bit more and we wish the festival lots of success.
Keep on having great holidays at xx

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Portpatrick Lifeboat Week 2017 starts this weekend with a full program of events.
The village will be at it's busiest with fun filled events throughout the week that will suit every age.
Holiday houses and other accommodation is often booked a year in advance with some families coming year after year for this popular and worthwhile fundraising event.
It raises funds for a worthy cause. Run entirely by volunteers the RNLI which should surely be funded runs solely on donations.
Not only do our guests take part in this special week but we will also be their to lend our support. Keep on having great holidays at

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Portpatrick Church are running their popular weekend fund raising cafe this week and it is so handy for our guests at Palm Tree Cottage.
Usually we have a group of bowlers staying and they love popping over to the church for a yummy lunch of home-made soup and rolls, followed of course by a delicious scone or strawberry tart.
There are lots of stalls as well with bric-a-brac, home baking, plants and flowers as well as members of the church to stop and have a chat.
I love paying a visit and if the annual calendar is not ready for purchase then I am able to place an order and within a few weeks it is delivered to my door.
The calendars are excellent to have in the holiday houses because they have lots of great local photographs in them and I think they are a really valuable addition in the holiday houses. Keep having great holidays at

So what is the point of blogging? Is it so that we can just get something off our chest? Is it so that we can advertise our business? Is anybody actually reading all this bloggery?
Well I suppose each blogger has their own reason for writing and I hope that part of it is that they enjoy it - but are people enjoying reading it? Is it necessary to have a readership?
The reason I ask is that I don't really ever read many other blogs. Too many times I have wished there were more online editors.
That is a major blog problem. There are few filters and no editors and a lot of blogs are blogging rubbish.
Obviously not mine.
I am after all a qualified writer and editor with years of experience.
My reason for blogging is to ensure my business gets noticed - so keep on having great holidays at xxx
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