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Luminous beings are we. Get your glow on!
Luminous beings are we. Get your glow on!


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I was shopping around for 16x16 APA-102 panels for this year's Burning Man project (they're still hella expensive), and I found these for US$50 including ePacket shipping. Marked down from US$70, which is great for me since I need two. I almost gave up and went with WS2812 panels, but the lower current draw and absence of flicker is so damn good.

This is gonna be so much fun...

Power tool batteries as a 12V source for LED strip: yes or no? Anyone done it before? I'm exploring options to light my bike (headlamp, tail lights, LED strip).

I have a 3D printer and am prepared to sink some time into modelling an adapter to fit any battery which proves cost-effective.

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SpaceCatShipOne as seen in Chewbacchus 2017
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Extravehicular awesomeness.
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How it feels to play with lasers
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Official Unofficial Black Rock City FastLED Meetup!

Tuesday 9:00PM @ A Confederacy of Dunces
6:30 & Esplanade (part of Snowflake Village)

We have a bar -- come get some dranks while you show off your hard work!

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I'm starting to think consistency isn't Ray Wu's strong suit. These are from the same batch.

Good thing USB ports are smart enough to cut power when presented with strange situations. I probably would have killed an LED ring if I'd had this hooked up to my bench supply.

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Don't store your credit card on AliExpress -- someone could hijack your session and make bogus purchases from your card.
Heads up! Anyone who uses AliExpress should know that while their checkout is secure, the way they handle your login is not -- long story short, it's possible for an attacker to impersonate you after you have logged in.

What this means is that if you have a credit card number stored in their system, the attacker can make purchases on AliExpress using that card without your permission. While doing this would normally present a risk to the attacker (showing you their address), it is possible for them to purchase a bogus item from their own store (which they have no intention to ship), then mark the item as received so that "your" payment clears immediately.

If you have a card stored in their system, you should remove it (and enter it manually each time you purchase something).

I know it's still kind of early days[1] until those dusty gates at Burning Man open, but I'd like to ask if we could hold the on-playa FastLED meetup on a night other than Wednesday. As you may or may not be aware, Wednesday is the day of a certain famous BRC pub crawl. Some of us[2] will be completely sloshed by that evening and would love to attend on any other night.

How does Tuesday sound?

[1] 82 days, 14 hours, to be exact

[2] Me, plus the two other people from my camp wearing our group costumes -- the Black Rock Space Program!
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